This page is dedicated to Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom) in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. There are plenty of pictures/photos to drool over. I've newly added pictures from The Two Towers, so there are now more luscious pictures of the best thing to happen to Middle-Earth!!! There are also some backgrounds, and links to other Legolas/Bloom sites (more to come).
Scroll down to links section to access my Legolas fanfiction. Time permitting, I will add others as I create them. There is a Legolas Poll near the bottom of page, so scroll down and cast your vote (be sure to leave a comment!) Since Orlando looks so good in Pirates of the Carribean and I just love the poster of him holding the sword, a separate page has been dedicated to his character, Will Turner. When other characters appeal to me, they will also have their own page. :) I'm sure Paris will eventually have his own page as well. He just looks so good with long hair and weapons, so I hope he sticks with those kind of roles. Yum...

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Orlando reshot some ROTK scenes. "[Director Peter Jackson] loved the audience's reaction in the first movie [to] Leggy running over the back of the cave troll and killing the cave troll, and then in the second movie, sliding down the stairs and jumping [off] the horse. And in the third movie, he's kind of combined a whole load of stuff. So it's like another one of those sort of Leggy moments." Orlando said in a recent article at It's about time someone noticed that Legolas makes those movies! Check out Orlando page to read the whole thing!

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The best archer!
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A wet elf is a sexy elf!!

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Legolas admiring his bow

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