Going Smashwords Crazy

I have been so busy getting my books published on Smashwords that I have been neglecting both the stories I’ve been working on: Kings of Klenar and Jixit.    I need to stop trying to write both of them at the same time and just pick one. Considering that Kings of Klenar is closer to being done, I need to work on that one.  It just takes place over a longer period of time, and I’m having trouble deciding what takes place between  the time Luna and Cass meet until Sierra is born.

I’ve also been super busy fixing up the house and taking care of real life stuff, that sometimes my writing gets kicked to the curb.  Shameful really, since I feel the best when I’m creating.  Hopefully someday i can say “creating a masterpiece”.  LOL

Anyway, the Cobblestone situation is finally behind me, so I will put that to rest.  Two of the books published through them are now online under my publishing umbrella. Not sure what I’m going to do about Painful Reflections. Might just make it a 99 cent book with the rest of them.  Who knows. It’s at the bottom of my priorities right now.

Sierra Sky isn’t doing that great at Total-e-bound, but I’ll never ask for the rights back on that book, since I LOVE that cover and aren’t willing to let it go! LOL  I wonder if i can hire Posh Gosh to design the next one?  Hmm….I’ll have to wait and see how I feel about it once i try to design the KOK cover myself.  🙂

But back to Smashwords. I can’t say enough good about them, so someone should slap me for not taking advantage of their offerings years ago.  I had it in my mind that since I already dealt with Amazon and B&N on my own, that I didn’t need them.  Didn’t even occur to me that I could opt out of those two venues and use the rest of their channels. I think they have about a dozen now. True, B&N tends to be the best seller, but it’s far easier to let Smashwords take care of that for me, especially for the short stories that I don’t have time to upload in different places.  Not only that but they provide the ISBN’s for free!  And they now have a series manager, so it makes it easier to distinguish those on other sites. So B&N now lists my A Modern Myth trilogy as a series, so it’s easier to readers to see there are other books.  That is SO nice!  They keep making improvements all the time.  They have gotten so much better since I first used them that they have pretty much left everyone else in the dust. I don’t even use Lulu.com anymore and need to take all my books down from there.  Createspace has better books for less, so there is no reason to keep using lulu.

So if you haven’t given smashwords.com a chance yet, head on over.  They have a bunch of free reads, anywhere from poems to full length novels.  True, some of the stuff is crap, but a lot of it is really good.

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Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekends by Victoria Blisse

rob-and-lou-wild-weekends 400Hold on tight, it’s going to get wild! Rob and Lou could pass you in the streets and you’d likely
not notice them. They’re in their thirties, have a family and jobs to hold down and they do it with
smiles on their faces. But occasionally they get a little time off and that’s when things get seriously

Light-hearted and fun, this mini-anthology features episodes from this couple’s wild weekends.
Making the most of the mud, finding the erotic nature of an apron and even having a sexy visit to a
fish and chip shop. Rob and Lou make the mundane much more pleasurable so join them on their
kinky ride.

Includes a bonus short story Damsel in Distress and excerpts from other ebooks by the award
winning queen of rosy, raunchy and rubenesque erotic romance, Victoria Blisse.

Here is a teaser:

“You watch me until the end of my shift,” I whispered, hunched over him, my soft thighs stretched around his waist as his hard erection filled me. I moved gently up and down and continued the tale. “Then follow me outside into the alley. Before I can cry out, you clamp your hand over my mouth and push me roughly against the wall. I struggle helplessly but you hold me down and whisper about knowing I want it. How I’d teased you and how I
would get what I’d been asking for.”

I still remember how he gripped my hips tightly when I rode him. I continued my story through groans of pleasure.

“You spin me around, press me into the harsh brick of the wall, and pull up my skirt. Grabbing hold of my prim pinny, you f*** me. I’m soaking wet, so you slide right in. You f*** me there in an alley, the girl you just met, the girl you hardly know.”

Buy links and more info: http://victoriablisse.co.uk/books/rob-lous-wild-weekends

Individual Buy links:

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/313229



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Flash Fiction Friday – 8/10/12

Here is another teaser from my upcoming prequel, Kings of Klenar.

Cass wrung her hands as she entered the queen’s chambers. She couldn’t imagine why Queen Sea wanted to meet with her and wondered if she had done something inadvertently offensive. Staring at the huge bed that dominated a huge portion of the room, she marveled at all the turquoise. Was that the queen’s favorite color or was that her color? Cass enjoyed meeting new Klenarians and seeing how their shimmer and eyes suited them. She approached the bed and lightly touched the bedspread, sighing at the luxurious feel of the plush fabric. It was somewhere between satin and fur but looked like neither.
The sound of a throat clearing made her jump back and spin toward the door. She sucked in her breath and held it as Queen Sea stood framed in the doorway. Her gown was a combination of turquoise and lavender, which was beautifully complimented by her long flowing hair of the same colors. Since they were inside, her shimmer was dim, but it was clearly turquoise, as surely her eyes were as well. Cass couldn’t help but smile at her beauty, and the queen smiled back.
“I finally get to meet the woman who has replaced me.”
The smile left her face at the unexpected comment. “Your highness?”
Queen Sea nodded and approached, a sparkle gleaming in her vibrant turquoise eyes. “Hello, Cassandra, it’s nice to finally meet you.” She gracefully leaned back on her bed and crossed her legs.
“And you, your highness, but could you please explain what you meant by replacing you?” Cass dropped her gaze to watch the queen’s tail unwinding from her right leg.
“All in good time. Please, sit with me. I’ve been wanting to talk with you ever since I heard you arrived with Luna. And please, call me Aurora.”

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Flash Fiction Friday – 7/6/12


Cass looked around the vast room with the majestic arched ceilings. She knew her mouth was hanging open in shock but couldn’t immediately compose herself. Sure she had seen plenty of sci-fi movies about aliens, but she never thought she would be in a room full of them. No longer the tallest woman in the room, her gaze moved over the Klenarians, noting their translucent skin and how each shimmered in a different color. It had taken her several days to realize Luna’s shimmer was a very faint violet, which matched the darker color of his eyes. Seeing so many of the tall, slender aliens, it amazed her that she hadn’t noticed it right away. Realizing the sun streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows might have something to do with it, she nodded. It had been night when she’d first seen Luna, and the rest of the time had been on his ship with no direct sunlight. This was the first time she had breathed fresh air in almost a week, and she took several deep breaths. Suddenly wishing Luna would enter the giant chamber so she could see how his skin looked, Cass turned toward the door.
It was then she noticed the females had tails, and she could not look away from the one undulating about ten feet away. How could she have not been aware of that before? She glanced at the other women and finally realized most of them either kept their tails hidden beneath their voluminous skirts or they wrapped tightly around one of their legs. The young girl who’s tail she had noticed didn’t seem at all interested in hiding her glorious tail, and Cass had to fight the temptation to close the distance between them so she could touch it.
“Luna, if you can’t keep your pet on a leash, you best keep her in your chambers.”
The booming voice made her jump, and she spun to find who shouted. She held her breath as she saw King Sky entering the room with Luna on his right. Both men stared at her, and she felt her face grow hot as she realized she was the pet.
“What?” Sputtering and shaking her head, Luna stepped between them before she could do or say a word.
“Father, Cassandra is my guest.”
The king began to laugh. “To hell she is. Earthlings rank lower than Pricoslings, my son. You should know better than to bring her here.”

I’m working on the prequel to Sierra Sky, and I’ve called it Kings of Klenar. Stay tuned for other teasers as I write the story, which I will ultimately self-publish and offer on my site.

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Summer Kick Off Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

It’s almost summer, and to celebrate, let’s have a Giveaway!  What is the prize?  Go to the front page of my site at Jude’s Place and pick any of my books.  The winner will receive the .pdf version of their choice delivered to their email inbox.

What do you have to do?  Not much!  While you’re on my site, picking out your book, simply join my newsletter (link is on the left side of page).  A random winner will be picked and announced on 6/15/12.

Good luck, and be sure to visit the CataNetwork to see other Blog Hop Giveaways (click banner below)! Anyone who is able to sign up for my newsletter is eligible for giveaway, regardless where he/she lives.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 5/13/12

Happy Mother’s Day!
This Sunday’s sentences come from my WIP prequel to Sierra Sky.

“What are you?” Cassandra looked at the hat and without thinking, she whipped it off his head.
Long dark hair spilled out of it, flowing around his shoulders, and Luna’s gaze grew dark as he snatched the hat from her trembling fingers. Cursing in a strange language and tightening his arm around her waist, he touched something on his wrist. When everything around them brightened and distorted, she opened her mouth to scream. Her body thrummed and her head throbbed, and night turned to day as she passed out in the alien’s arms.

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, be sure to visit their site.

This is my final Six Sentence Sunday. Their site is also shutting down in January 2013. It’s been fun, and I hope you enjoyed my six sentences.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 5/6/12

The following comes from Texas Moonshine.

“Damn, I had convinced myself it wasn’t real,” he whispered.
“What?” She whispered back and then drew one of his fingers into her mouth.
He sucked in his breath. “The charge I feel every time I touch you,” he choked out.
She smiled, pleased that he felt it, too.

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, visit their site.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 4/29/12


A month later she saw him again. This time she refused to look away and studied his rugged unshaven features. He seemed so out of place among the other men, and she felt certain this one would have someone waiting at home for him.
His gaze suddenly shifted and locked with hers, but she still couldn’t look away.
“Nena, don’t attract their attention or they’ll be begging us for money.”
Ignoring her friend, she smiled at the attractive homeless man, again sensing he didn’t belong there.

For other 6 Sentence Sunday, be sure to visit their site.

How to write a book?

I was waiting in line at the store the other day as the customer in front of me and the cashier got into a discussion and traded business cards. Apparently the cashier had always wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to start, and the customer wrote books and was apparently the expert on the subject. When asked how she wrote her first book, she responded with, “I went to the library and found a book on how to write a book.”
I had to choke back the snicker, since it is not as easy as that. Nothing in a book will tell someone how to write one. Yes, it can teach you proper grammar. Yes, it can tell you how to format the book. It might even give you suggestions on how to find an agent or which publishers to use, but nothing can tell you how to form those words into a book that anyone wants to read.
They say everyone has a book inside them that wants to come out. Problem is that not everyone’s story is interesting. Others might be but they can’t write. They might have the money to hire a ghost writer to do the writing for them, but most probably won’t go that route.
So what is the best answer to give to someone who asks how to write a book? I tell them to sit down and write it. Nobody is an expert when they start. And no one expects the first attempt to be grammar free, and that’s not the point. You just start writing and keep going until you run out of things to say. Then worry about how to move things around to make it readable. Hire someone if you can’t do it yourself. Or find a grammar book that will help. It takes a lot of work to get a book created and published from start to finish, especially if you’re self-published. And it’s a whole lot easier now than when I got started. Back then, research was done in a building called a library and POD publishers were brand new and produced shoddy results. It amazes me how much self-publishing has advanced in the last decade.
It’s easy now compared to then. Considering I haven’t self-published a book since 2008, it’s even easier now. Sites like Smashwords make it nearly painless. They not only let you publish for free (and provide a detailed guideline on how to format your manuscript), they will even market for you and submit your books to major online publishers. If only that had been available when I got started.
But all that goes back to the original question of how to write a book. Not even Smashwords.com can help you do that. If the question was how to create a book, that’s a different beast all together. Because creating and writing are not the same.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 4/22/12

This week’s sentences comes from Faith’s Portrait, my time travel romance:

Without another thought, she melted into his arms, and his lips seared her own. Her fingers went into his thick hair as she deepened the passionate embrace.
Noah’s hand crept to her bottom, and he pulled her against his body with a groan. She gasped to feel his hardening flesh between them. Claire pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes. She couldn’t think let alone speak and didn’t know how far it would have gone, if not for a knock at the door.

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, please visit their site.

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