Sierra Sky’s new release date!

Sierra Sky was supposed to be released January 16th, but due to major delays in editing, it was pushed back.

Those edits are now concluded, and the new release date is February 6th. I’m still a bit disappointed at this delay, but they are accepting pre-orders. So be sure to head on over to and place your orders. As soon as the book is released, it will show up in your VIP account ready to read.

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Sierra Sky will soon show up on Total-e-bound

If I have followed the site correctly, new releases come out every Monday. They then update their Coming Soon page to show what’s coming in the next 6 weeks. Once they do that on Monday, December 12th, Sierra Sky‘s cover will appear at the bottom of that page. It should also then have it’s own page with description and link to my bio. I’m so excited, and this has been long coming! So be sure to check out their Coming Soon page Monday night!

I will also be updating the main page of my site as soon as the book has its own page!

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Friends Friday with Victoria Blisse

Fellow Erotic Total-e-bound author, Victoria Blisse opens her blog every Friday to other writers.  Today is my turn, so head on over to her site to read about my two favorite characters I have created, Drew and Sierra.

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Sierra Sky cover

Here it is, the cover of Sierra Sky, to be released January 16, 2012, from

Sierra Sky cover

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Sunday Snog

The following is a snippet of the first kiss between Sierra and Dathu from my upcoming erotic sci-fi romance novel, Sierra Sky, to be published by Total-e-bound in January 2012.


His strong arms pulled her toward him, and he made her look into his eyes. “This was not my doing, princess. I would rather die than see you in the arms of another man.”

She tried to blink away the tears, knowing the sincerity in his voice was real. “Then stop it,” she whispered.

Pain washed across his face as he shook his head. “I wish I could, Sierra, but I’m nothing more than a slave.”

She cleared her throat and shook her head. “No, you’re so much more than that.” She wet her dry lips with a parched tongue and clung to his shirt. “Please…help me.”

His gaze dropped to her lips, and she watched several emotions cross his gorgeous features. He slowly exhaled and gritted his teeth. “God help me.” His lips met hers in an explosion of passion. Her tears wet both their mouths as tongues met and grappled in an age-old war. He groaned in pain and pleasure as his strong arms pressed her to him.

Her fingers sifted through his long coarse hair, gripping fistfuls to hold his mouth in place, as she feasted on him. He tasted as good as he smelled, and she could die happy knowing she had sampled him. Though knowing how well he f**ked would still be a nice mystery to solve. Her tail instinctively wrapped around them both, the tip hovering, not sure where to go.

Dathu pulled away abruptly, his breathing labored. “We cannot do this.”

“Why not?” Her mouth dipped to reclaim his, but he stopped her.

“Sierra, please. This could kill me.”

Confused, she looked around the chamber. “Do you fear my father?”

He shook his head and stood, unwrapping her tail to put some distance between them. “He is the least of my worries right now.”

She noticed he held a hand over his communicator as he backed away from her, though lowering her gaze revealed the erection he hid beneath his dark trousers. Her eyes widened at the size of him, and she smiled. He fidgeted under her appraisal and groaned once more before turning away. “Damn it, have pity on me. Do you wish my death?”

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