Unexpected Kings of Klenar sales!

Wow!  I’m honored and surprised by how well Kings of Klenar has been selling since it went live on 11/2/13.  It is my best seller of all my ebooks to date.  Yes, that surprises me.  Years ago when I first started writing erotica, I thought those would be my best sellers, but they languished on Cobblestone’s site.  That could be for a variety of reasons, not withstanding the bad SEO they had.  Another reason that I didn’t expect was the fact they were erotic.  The one reason I thought would guarantee good sales might have been why they didn’t sell well.

This never occurred to me before because I never released any of my books in both erotic and sensual versions.  That is until Kings of Klenar.  Not only has it sold better than I expected in just a few days, but 65% of those sales have been for the sensual version.  Some of that could be due to Amazon being stubborn about releasing it for a few days, but it was available on B&N and Smashwords the same amount of time.  The fact that more than half of those sold came from Amazon, I will hold final judgment until at least a week has gone by with both versions being available there.

If the percentages hold steady at 2 to 1 preferring sensual, I might have to consider going back to that form of writing and giving up on erotic.  It takes more work to come up with new and hot ways for characters to have sex, so maybe it’s not worth doing it if the majority of my readership prefers the subtle approach. It will definitely give me something to think about.

11/7 update: more copies have sold.  A few more erotic, so the percentage is now 58% to 42% preferring Sensual.  I’m wondering if I should release a sensual version of Drew’s Awakening?  Anyway, I wanted to apologize to any of you who bought Kings of Klenar and found a few typos.  I didn’t expect the book to sell so many copies so quickly and will be uploading revised versions this weekend.  Also thanks to the gal who posted the 4 star review on the Erotic version.  I think that even inspired a few sales!  🙂

11/8 Update: Wow, I’ve never made so much money through Amazon before, let alone in less than a week.  Squeee!  🙂

Anyway, the percentages are now 55% to 45% favoring Sensual, so it isn’t cut and dried any longer.  Erotic is now selling faster than the sensual, so I don’t doubt it will soon catch up and maybe even pass it by.  So I guess that means I will do both versions from now on.  My next WIP is Jixit, so we’ll see how that does in both versions, though I just can’t imagine any of my books doing even better than Kings of Klenar!   A girl can dream though!

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Kings of Klenar will be sold as erotic and sensual romances!

After discussing this with my mom (yes, she knows I write erotica and has even read some of it), I’ve decided that starting with Kings Of Klenar, I will start publishing all my erotic stories with two versions.  One will be as intended, hot sex and all, and the other will be edited for those who would rather all the hard core stuff be left behind closed doors.  This idea came to me after asking my mom if she wanted me to edit out the explicit stuff so she could read the story, since that’s what I did with Sierra Sky.  When she said yes, it hit me that there are many women out there who feel the same way, and I don’t want to exclude any of you who don’t want to read smut.  After all, I am a big fan of sensual romances. I wrote them well before I started writing erotica.

So then I wondered, how am I going to differentiate the two when I publish them? I don’t want to create two covers, so I came up with putting “erotic” or “sensual” on the cover and made the erotic Cass a bit sexier. I’ve posted the two different versions of Kings of Klenar below. The hot pink is erotic and the yellow is sensual, which means any sex included will have minimal description. The main story is highly sexual, so yeah, there will still be sex. Just not graphic and there won’t be explicit language either. I’m pretty good at editing those things out, so no one should even be aware there is anything missing, since all other aspects of the story will be intact.  As a side effect, the Sensual version will naturally be shorter, but both versions will sell for the same price.

Hopefully this will open up the world of Klenar to new fans. If I thought I could get away with doing the same thing for Sierra Sky, I would, and I will as soon as my exclusive rights with Total-e-bound have lapsed. That is if it doesn’t cause any conflict with them, since I don’t want to damage the relationship I have with that epub.

I’m currently working on the first edits of Kings of Klenar. When that is finished, I will then start working on the Sensual version and most likely upload them both at the same time to Smashwords and Amazon.  It will probably be around the first week of November, so stay tuned.

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