Read Jixit for free this weekend!

Hello! For those of you who are looking for something free to read this weekend, be sure to check out Jixit on Amazon starting Friday:

This ebook will be free from Friday through Sunday (5/8 – 5/10).

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New hot short!

I haven’t done any writing lately, but I was inspired over the weekend to write another erotic short story. I titled it From Fantasy to Reality, and you can currently get it at Smashwords:

I’m still working on what full length novel I will write next. Since the Klenar stories are my most popular, I’m trying to think of where else I can take that story. Possibly Sierra’s child. Since he/she would be a mix of human, klenarian and pricosling, it might be interesting to explore that hybrid. I could also give Sted his own story. Or I could even write about Sierra’s first child, who is now the king of Klenar. Is he evil like his father or will he turn out to be the hero that planet needs? So many possibilities. 🙂

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Kings of Klenar will be published soon!

It feels like it has taken forever to write this story.  It’s one thing to have a general idea of what happened between Luna and Cass Sky before Sierra Sky was born, but it’s quite a whole different ball of wax to actually write the story.  There is a lot of time that passes between the time they meet and she is born, and weaving that together with the stated facts from the sequel already in place is a bit tougher.  Especially when I was forced to make a few changes by the many editors at Total-e-bound.

Since KOK will be published on my own (through Amazon and Smashwords et al), it won’t be held under the same scrutiny, so I have much more creative control over what will appear in the finish version.  I’m still debating ignoring the changes made in Sierra Sky, put a disclaimer at the beginning of KOK and keep everything as is, or adjust the story for the differences.  I guess I’ll hammer all that out during the editing stages, but one thing I’m certain of is that KOK will be one of the longest books I have written to date.  No, it won’t be a 100,000 word epic, but it will be longer than my 50,000 average.  I’m guessing somewhere around 65,000 words or more.  Considering that Sierra Sky is much shorter, this length surprises even me.  🙂

When I get it polished up a bit, I’ll post a few saucy teasers on the forum.  I’m probably going to price this erotic sci-fi interspecies romance novel at $3.49 like my other full length recent novels, and it will be priced the same on all platforms (Smashwords will distribute to Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Apple and a few other places).  I hope it does well, and you all like it.  I’ll try not to get my feelings too hurt by any one star reviews!

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A Modern Myth: Drew’s Awakening

Over a decade ago I started writing a story.  At first that’s all it was, just another story that had to be written, but then it expanded and grew in my mind.  I wrote a quick outline of three books that I eventually called my A Modern Myth trilogy.  It detailed a very special woman who had not yet discovered how important she is or the difficult paths she must take to face her past as well as her destiny.
This trilogy concluded with her son fulfilling his destiny, but I still felt there was more story left to tell for these wonderful characters who I fell in love with.  So I wrote a fourth installment about her son’s new journey and “awakening”, turning my much loved trilogy into a saga.  To make things even better, I made this one an erotic romance full of HOT and sexy smut.
I published it with Cobblestone Press, where it has languished for over 3 years.  I have now asked for my rights back, have created a new and improved cover as well as editing it again to be republished on 9/1/13.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have set it up so that anyone who wants it can pre-order it.  If you do and send me a copy of your receipt before that Sunday, I will send you FREE your choice of one of the other three installments in the trilogy (in PDF format).
In the fourth and final installment of the A Modern Myth saga, Drew Duncan is almost 21 and coming into his own. He is more special than he realizes, as powers he was born into begin to emerge. As he deals with these new abilities, he finds his soul mate, Sara.As they discover each other in mental and physical ways, an enemy from Drew’s past finds them and abducts Sara. He must awaken the slumbering power within him to destroy this ancient evil, so he and Sara can live happily ever after.
Excerpt (note: this does contain sexual references but has been edited for content):

She didn’t turn around, merely held her breath and waited for him to touch her. Was this still her fantasy?

His hands slid over her shoulders and then the sides of her neck. She closed her eyes and dropped her head forward.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” she whispered.

“You want me to leave?” He moved her hair aside and kissed the nape of her neck, letting his tongue linger. She quivered, unable to speak. His fingers slid around her to gently grasp her breasts. “Is this okay?”

She clenched her eyes shut, curious how far he would go if she didn’t move. She knew it was wrong to let him continue, but she couldn’t stop him. His touch coursed through her body to the tips of her toes.

His hands stopped moving. “Sara?”

She stepped closer to him, and his hardening d*** pressed against her lower back. She couldn’t believe she let it progress this far. “I don’t do stuff like this.”

He gently turned her toward him and lifted her chin, cupping her face between his palms. “I know you don’t.” He kissed each of her closed eyes before gently kissing her mouth, first her upper lip and then lower. “Look at me.”

Her eyes fluttered open to see his naked bronze chest. She marveled over his skin tone, which was only a shade lighter than her own. She absently wondered if he spent that much time sunbathing in the nude or if it was genetic. She didn’t have to spend any time in the sun to achieve her dark skin. She had her parents to thank for that. A touch of sadness washed through her, but she forced it back. “You don’t know anything about me.”

He chuckled softly, kissing her forehead. “I know everything about you.”

Her gaze flew up to meet his at such a surprising comment. “What do you think you know?”

His palms moved down her arms, hands and then fingers. They then swirled around her hips before moving to her a**, gripping the cheeks possessively. “I know that no other man has touched you like this.” He pulled her against him, fitting his c*** firmly between her thighs. The intimate contact made her shudder, her desire for him growing violently stronger. She gripped his arms, her fingernails digging into his muscles. He flinched but didn’t release his firm hold on her a**, instead grinding against her.

You can pre-order the book at

For a free teaser of this story, visit

Fellow author, Ashlynn Monroe is also helping out with a promo, so be sure to give her blog some love:

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Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekends by Victoria Blisse

rob-and-lou-wild-weekends 400Hold on tight, it’s going to get wild! Rob and Lou could pass you in the streets and you’d likely
not notice them. They’re in their thirties, have a family and jobs to hold down and they do it with
smiles on their faces. But occasionally they get a little time off and that’s when things get seriously

Light-hearted and fun, this mini-anthology features episodes from this couple’s wild weekends.
Making the most of the mud, finding the erotic nature of an apron and even having a sexy visit to a
fish and chip shop. Rob and Lou make the mundane much more pleasurable so join them on their
kinky ride.

Includes a bonus short story Damsel in Distress and excerpts from other ebooks by the award
winning queen of rosy, raunchy and rubenesque erotic romance, Victoria Blisse.

Here is a teaser:

“You watch me until the end of my shift,” I whispered, hunched over him, my soft thighs stretched around his waist as his hard erection filled me. I moved gently up and down and continued the tale. “Then follow me outside into the alley. Before I can cry out, you clamp your hand over my mouth and push me roughly against the wall. I struggle helplessly but you hold me down and whisper about knowing I want it. How I’d teased you and how I
would get what I’d been asking for.”

I still remember how he gripped my hips tightly when I rode him. I continued my story through groans of pleasure.

“You spin me around, press me into the harsh brick of the wall, and pull up my skirt. Grabbing hold of my prim pinny, you f*** me. I’m soaking wet, so you slide right in. You f*** me there in an alley, the girl you just met, the girl you hardly know.”

Buy links and more info:

Individual Buy links:


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Win a copy of Sierra Sky or one of your choice!

Yes! I think it’s time for another contest. For anyone out there just itching to read Sierra Sky, here is your chance to win a copy it or ANY of my other books. That’s right, the winner can pick any book I’ve written. What do you have to do? Easy, just do the following three things:

1. Follow me on twitter:

2. Like and/or Friend me on Facebook: or

3. Sign up for my newsletter, since that is how I will be announcing the winner. You can find the signup at on the far left side of the page.

On March 1st, I will pick a random winner. Good luck!
And don’t forget to comment here when you’re done, so I can check! 😉

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Promo: Kate Sterling – Managing Maggie

Managing Maggie CoverPlease welcome this week’s guest blogger, fellow Cobblestone Press author, Kate Sterling. Thanks for taking the time to be with us today, Kate. What is your main inspiration for writing and why?

Hmm… I guess I write because I love words and languages. Whenever I see something that strikes me as interesting, my mind immediately starts telling a story to fit it, trying to pick out just the right words – looking for the most economy and greatest impact.

What is your favorite genre to write and why?

My problem is that I don’t have a favorite! Against conventional wisdom, I like to write in many genres, and in many heat levels. Sweet to sizzling, light to dark, realistic to fantastic, and any combination thereof. Trying to stick with just one is almost like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. 🙂

Who is your favorite hero in one of your books? Why?

This is tough, because I have four favorites and three of them are from works in progress! However, from a published work, I’d have to say Jason in “Managing Maggie”. I just love him because even though he’s younger than the heroine, he was such a gentleman, yet also very, very hot. 😉

What is the heat level of your books?

They range from sweet to extra hot. My current release is an erotic romance.

Where can readers find your books?

The most recent, “Managing Maggie”, is at Cobblestone Press. Following is a blurb:

Maggie was devastated when her husband divorced her because she couldn’t have children, but she moved on and started her own graphic design business.

When her business partner Jason indicates he wants their relationship to be personal, Maggie is tempted by the sexy young designer, but thinks she’s too old for him. Yet an unexpected encounter featuring fuzzy handcuffs and a pink flogger leaves her feeling he may just be “The One”.

She’s riding a wave of happiness until a younger woman claims to be pregnant by Jason. Broken-hearted, Maggie doesn’t see how their relationship can survive, but Jason has other ideas.

To read an adult rated excerpt, be sure to visit Cobblestone Press.

Thanks again for stopping by, Kate, and I must say that your cover is one of my favorites at Cobblestone. Good luck with sales!

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