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I was driving home from work the other day and I realized I messed up the sequence of events on Jixit, my WIP. So that means I will have to do a bit of a rewrite to get it back on target. This is what happens when I get an idea for a story but don’t immediately write it. ūüôā So now I need to sit down and write out the outline of what needs to happen and when it needs to occur. That is why an outline is so important. Luckily, I haven’t written so much that the rewrite will be that difficult. I think that once I get it right, it will flow better. I had hit a wall and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. This is why I hit that wall. So once I move things around and set it on the proper course, I should be able to complete it with little problems. So stay tuned for more on that.

I’m happy to report that someone just posted another 5 star review for Kings of Klenar. This time on Amazon and on the erotic version (of course). Strange to see 4.5 stars for the erotic but only 3 stars on the sensual, and that 4 star on the sensual is only there because I asked Cass to put it there instead of the erotic, which is the version she read. I’ve come to the conclusion that KOK should only have been an erotic book, since it’s obviously too intense for the average romance sci/fi reader. Lesson learned.

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So…I’m obsessed with rape?

After waiting over a month for someone to review Kings of Klenar on Amazon, my first review has that in the first sentence. ¬†I’m a good writer, but I’m obsessed with rape? ¬†Really? ¬†I find it quite odd that someone who is so sensitive about rape would buy a book that has an excerpt where rape is freely discussed. ¬†The book starts with Cass pulling her skirt down after an attempted rape, and she has a lengthy discussion with Luna on his spaceship about how he’s captured one of his own kind after a rape rampage and how his people deal with non-consensual sex… in the free excerpt for all to read before buying. ¬†I strongly believe that most of the sales of the book are because people are interested in that aspect of the book. ¬†As much as women like to decry the act of rape, there are many books and movies written about the topic. ¬†Of course no woman wants to be raped, but it’s still the fantasy of many of them. Not the brutal and vicious act of it, but the romantic version of a hunky man taking the choice away from the gal, so she can enjoy the sex but not feel she was responsible for it happening. ¬†I grew up on Johanna Lindsey, who got famous writing about gorgeous heroes sweeping a young virgin off her feet and seducing her against her will.

But am I obsessed with rape? ¬†Let’s analyze that question by all the books I’ve written. ¬†Off the top of my head, only 3 of my many books have rape as a central theme in them: Love’s Trial, Forgotten but not Gone, and Kings of Klenar. ¬†Now, which have sold better than any of my others? ¬†Without a doubt, Kings of Klenar is my best seller of all time, but Forgotten but not Gone has sold more copies than any of my tamer stuff, even books that I know are better, like Faith’s Portrait or my A Modern Myth saga. ¬†Actually, there is a rapist in the 3rd story of that, but he gets his just desserts before he can do anything about it. ¬†And I had to make him evil, so that shouldn’t count.

True, it’s just one person’s review, but since hardly anyone else has taken the time to post a nice review, this person’s 2 star review is what potential buyers are seeing. ¬†Luckily, it isn’t slowing down sales, but it bothers me that it has so many spoilers of the story. ¬†No one should know all that detail before reading the story and understanding why it’s all happening. Taking so many things out of context makes it sound worse than it actually is. ¬†Kings of Klenar IS a romance. ¬†It just isn’t a formula romance, but then I don’t write those. ¬†Real life isn’t like that, and Cass does go through hell as a slave on a distant planet. ¬†Does anyone actually expect that would be easy? ¬†As my writing matures, so do the topics I will choose to write about. ¬†I did put a lot of taboo topics in the book, and it seems to be paying off. ¬†I do apologize to those of you who bought it and were offended. ¬†That is the main reason I am offering a censored version, so you can enjoy it without most of the potentially offensive content. ¬†Though I must say it’s quite strange that of the three positive reviews it has received, all of them were on the erotic version. ¬†The negative 2 star review mentioned above is on the sensual version. ¬†Things that make you go hmmmm…

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Please review Kings of Klenar on Amazon!

Hi Everyone! ¬†Kings of Klenar is still selling really well on Amazon. ¬†I’m surprised and honored that so many of you want to read what I have created. ¬†Not everyone will like the story, of course, and Amazon lets me know every time someone returns the book. ¬†For those who aren’t aware, it’s one of the few, maybe only, online stores that allows customers to return an ebook. You even have 7 days to do it, and many people have taken advantage of it. ¬†Luckily, the majority haven’t, and the book has remained on the best selling list in scifi romance since it was released.

Today, one of the people who didn’t like it, and probably even returned it, gave the sensual version a 2 star review. ¬†Going by the spoilers this objectionable person revealed, he/she shouldn’t have bought it to begin with, let alone read it and reviewed it.

So I’m asking those of you who did read it and liked it to please go to Amazon and post a review. ¬†I’ve found three great reviews/ratings elsewhere but would like them to be listed where most people will see them. ¬†Plus they would offset that awful 2 star rating. ¬†ūüôā

If you review the book on Amazon and then comment here and let me know, I’ll give you a free book of your choice. ¬†Of course the free book only applies once I verify the review is on Kings of Klenar and is at least 3 stars and positive.

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4 Star Rating “Review” on Goodreads for Kings of Klenar

I stumbled upon this and wanted to share it. ¬†Not only did this gal rate the book well, but her name is Cass. ¬†I thought that was cute, since the main character’s name is also Cass. ¬†The main thing I thought was cute was how she “reviewed” the book. I put that in quotes because she didn’t really review it, she tagged it to her many (and I mean many) bookshelves on Goodreads.com. I will quote it below, and will link beneath it. ¬†What I find so charming about this is that she pretty much nails the book with her tags. ¬†ūüôā ¬†So if you want to know the dirty details about what happens in the book without actually reading it or knowing specifics, be sure to check it out:

Cass rated it 4 of 5 stars

Shelves: adventure, alien-instincts, alien-planet, aliens, alpha-brooding-glory, alpha-male, captive,cheesy, erotica, forced-sex, friends, frustrating, has-no-voice, heartbreaking, heroine-is-a-little-whiny, jackassery, lies, made-me-cry, meaningless-sex, misunderstanding, not-a-pretty-love-story,not-pretty-really-not-sexy, otherworldly-city, sci-fi, sci-fi-fantasy-paranormal, science-fiction, science-fiction-romance, scifi-twist, sex, slave, sleeping-during-those-sex-scenes, something-a-little-different, space-aliens, spiting-mad, strong-female-lead, strong-sexual-element, ff, lesbian,emotional-rollercoaster, fantasy-romance, friends-in-love, just-a-lot-of-sex, love-triangle, love-triangle-more-then-one-love, loved-it, lover-be-trade, more-then-one-love-interest, oral-sex, politics,possessive-hero, punch-in-the-face-so-damn-bad, rape, adult, alternate-universe, amazing-story,bad-choices, brutal-and-heartless, charming-and-sexy, confusing, fantasy, hero-cheats, hero-grovels-just-fine, hero-is-possessive-jealous, hero-scarred-mentally-or-physically, hero-should-grovel-more, heroin-having-no-brains, heroin-having-no-self-respect, heroin-is-a-little-fickle,heroin-raped, heroine-raped, seduction, sensual-and-steamy-romance, serious-chemistry,serious-swoon, subjects-of-suicide-and-rape, tormented-damaged-hero, tortured-hero, tortured-heroine, virgin-heroine, warning-some-profanity, whiny, world-building-is-a-bit-confusing, world-building-is-very-good
Here is the link to Kings of Klenar on Goodreads and then scroll down. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18964593-kings-of-klenar
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R.I.P.D. Review

I don’t usually review movies, so when I do that means the movie struck some chord in me. ¬†it could be either I absolutely hated it, or I loved it. ¬†R.I.P.D. is one of the latter. ¬†Is it one of the best movies ever created? ¬†Absolutely not. The movie has many flaws, but they don’t seem to matter when you measure them up against its many strengths.

Let me start by saying I really enjoy Ryan Reynolds in all of his movies. ¬†I can’t even think of one that I didn’t like. Even that Buried movie he was in had him giving a very strong performance. It’s not his fault the ending was so damn bad. ¬†He is a strong actor, who can be funny or sad, but he isn’t the reason I loved RIPD (which is easier to type than R.I.P.D. every time). ¬†By the way RIPD stands for Rest in Peace Department. ¬† I didn’t fully realize what RIPD meant until a few minutes into the movie, when the main character dies. ¬†I don’t know why it surprised me, but it did. ¬†That is also when the fun begins.

Ryan Reynolds plays Nick, a modern day cop, who is paired with an 1800 gunslinger, played by Jeff Bridges, and they are given the duty of tracking down dead people who have escaped back to Earth. ¬†It’s hard to describe the role Jeff platys without giving away too much of the plot, but he is why I loved RIPD. ¬†I haven’t liked Jeff in a lot of his movies, especially his role in Iron Man. ¬†He had such a yucky creep factor that I didn’t think I would ever enjoy any of his movies ever again. ¬†I certainly can’t say that after his performance in RIPD. ¬†Most of all the laughs in the movie are because of him. ¬†He fully embraces his role of¬†Roycephus (Roy). ¬†He overshadows Ryan so much, that anyone could have played Nick. ¬†Sort of the way Richard Gere thought all they needed was a guy in a suit opposite Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. ¬†All they needed was a good looking guy holding a gun to play opposite Jeff as a bitter but funny gunslinger who died in the Old West and was then eaten and abused by coyotes.

One of biggest laughs is that living people don’t see Nick and Roy. ¬†They have “avatars” for everyone else to hide who they really are. ¬†Nick is an old Chinese guy and Roy is a beautiful and sexy female model, which brings more humor to everything else going on. ¬†Guns are also replaced with bananas for the living to see.

With all the funny antics going on, it is unclear why the makers of this movie decided to go over the top with the dead people. ¬†These “deados” look normal until exposed to Indian food (or cumin), then exposing their true faces. ¬†This is the one aspect of the movie which keeps it from being a great movie. ¬†The deados are all disgusting and ridiculously overdone. ¬†It’s unclear why they went overboard on the special effects when it was so unnecessary. ¬†The exact same story could have been done without all the grossness, and it would have helped the movie instead of hurting it. Seriously, that is the only reason the movie didn’t do better than it did. ¬†Take all that disgusting crap away, and this would have been a 5 star movie. ¬†Jeff Bridges should win an Oscar for his performance, and it’s one of the most original movies I’ve seen in a long time. ¬†I hope they make a sequel and this time go a little subtle on the deados.

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Petty one star review on free erotica? Really?

Let me start off by staying that I know I can write, and I know my sex scenes are hot. ¬†I try to give people free samples before they buy, and it’s nice to get feedback on occasion. But when someone goes out of their way to post petty one star reviews on something I’m giving away for free? Well, that just pisses me off. ¬†And no, I will never get a thick skin against morons like these:

I’m sorry. I tried to give it a chance, but it was all over the place. Very hard to follow. The actual sex scene was hot, but trying to understand what was happening…took away the fun. Sorry.

So having to read an actual story took away from the porn? ¬†Ah, I’m sorry that the surprise twist ending confused you too much.

This person even admits the sex was hot, but that didn’t even warrant more than one star? ¬†Really?

Oh well, I guess i won’t be offering anymore free reads. ¬†If you’re going to give me a crappy review, it may as well be on something you had to pay for! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Just sayin’!

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Fifty Shades of messed up…Oh, I mean Grey

I posted a review of this book awhile back, and you can read it here. ¬†While I tried to be diplomatic in that review, I can no longer afford to do that. ¬†Well, afford isn’t the right word, since I don’t lose money when anyone buys one, or all, of these atrocious books, but it does hurt me deep inside that any woman would swoon over the main character, Christian Grey.

My sister recommended these books to me. ¬†Yes, my own blood sister. ¬†I’m actually still contemplating how I will broach the topic ¬†that my married sister likes to escape into a fantasy world where the much loved male character gets his kicks from hurting the woman he supposedly cares for. ¬†But that’s for another thing to deal with.

Then the other day I stumbled upon a book written by Abigail Barnette, called The Boss. ¬†I didn’t know when I read it that this story was a “response” to EL James’ horrible trilogy Fifty Shades of…whatever. ¬†The bad thing about this is that the story doesn’t seem available anymore. I read it on Smashwords, but it was soon removed. It’s offered on her blog but is invitation only. ¬†WTF?

Anyway, the main reason I bring up Abigail is that she read the entire trilogy (I don’t know how), and she has recapped the entire sordid affair on her public blog (thank goodness, since it reinforces my initial impulse to not go any further than the first book).

I refuse to go too much into detail on what’s wrong with Christian and Ana from this story. ¬†What I have a problem with is that it was supposedly an alternate universe where Bella Swan meets Edward Cullen from Twilight. ¬†First, let me mention that I have read Twilight and Breaking Dawn, which are mostly from Bella’s POV, so I’m pretty sure I know her personality. ¬†And I’ve read Midnight Sun, where I totally fell in love with Edward, since that takes place from his POV. ¬†So then to read a book which was inititally these two characters in an alternate universe, where Edward is a young billionaire with a sordid past, and Bella is an innocent college graduate, it just fell majorly short.

What are my main problems with 50 Shades of Grey? Well, other than the fact that Edward (Christian) is a messed up 27 years old kid who is somehow richer than Midas, who somehow finds Bella (Ana) and her clumsiness so intriguing that he must possess her by hurting her beyond her capabilities, it is painfully obvious that EL James never read the books, and she probably didn’t even see the movies. ¬†I have read some gossip that she didn’t even like Twilight when she wrote this “epic”, which would explain why she made Edward such an ass.

The main problem with this alternate universe theory, which I would be AMAZED if no one else has brought up, is that Edward was over 100 years old when he met Bella. ¬†So for him to only be 5 years older than her in this “alternate reality” is just plain BS. ¬†The 2nd problem? ¬†Edward would never want to hurt Bella. ¬†He didn’t even want to make her a vampire, since he wanted her to enjoy her life, even leaving her in hope she would have a normal life.

What does Christian (Edward) do when Ana (Bella) finally grows a set and breaks up with him? Of course, he stalks her and glares at any man who dares look or speak to her. ¬†Edward was willing to die for Bella. ¬†I doubt Christian would cross the street to save Ana, unless he could reprimand her for her carelessness and than punish her for such negligence. ¬†Yes, it’s that bad…and worse, since I refuse to read any more of this awful story. ¬†Yes, I guess it’s sort of like a train wreck you can’t look away from, but when that wreck keeps going, and blood and guts continues to be thrown on you for an extended ¬†period of time, eventually any normal person would run (or at the very least walk) away. ¬†Please, at least walk away.

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Sierra Sky Review

Sierra Sky just received its first review: Sierra Sky Review
So be sure to head on over and check it out ūüôā

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Ines of My Soul- Book Review

Inés of My Soul is a daring novel, grand on any scale. Daring, because the writer has courageously confronted one of the bloodiest periods in South American history, taking sides neither with the conquistadors nor with the indigenous people; grand, because it is a vastly researched historical fiction as well as being a love story.

The story is told from the imaginary point of view of Inés Suárez from what she may have written in her diary when seventy years old. The diary’s existence is also imaginary. Only a writer of Isabel Allende’s stature would dare to tell this very complicated story in flashback and succeed so brilliantly.

In her diary, Inés addresses Isabel, her stepdaughter from her last marriage. In the first chapter, Inés Suárez says: “I beg you to have a little patience, Isabel. You will soon see that this disorderly narrative will come to the moment when my path crosses that of Pedro de Valdivia and the epic I want to tell you about begins.”

Inés, a poor seamstress from Plasencia–a town in Spain, comes to the new world in a ship with her niece to search for her husband Juan de Málaga. In reality, she is determined to escape from poverty and the backward thinking of the society she was born into. When she learns her husband is dead, she tries to make it on her own with her nursing and housekeeping skills. When a man who was in the same ship with her tries to attack her, she kills him out of self-defense, but the ship’s captain takes the body of the man from her house and discards it, keeping her name clear. After this, Inés wants to move on to other towns in the new world, partly with fear of being found out. It is at this time that she meets Pedro de Valdivia, the conquistador of Chile, and becomes his mistress.

Inés gets Pisarro’s permission by saying that she knows dowsing and can find water in the desert; so, together with Valdivia she travels to Chile, crossing an impossible arid region and facing many hardships to establish the city of Santiago in the Mapocho Valley as a Spanish settlement. They call the new town, “Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura.” The date is February 12, 1541.

In this settlement, cut away from Peru because of distance and dreadful travel conditions, the group faces a terrible struggle against chief Michimalonko’s fierce Mapuche Indians. Inés’s story continues until 1580 when she is writing her memoirs at age seventy as a rich and successful widow but somewhat boastful and full of pride.

Even if the story is filled with battles, cruelty, and blood and gore, the central theme is the passionate love and companionship between two lovers. The relationship between Pedro and Inés is that of a fairy tale, passionate, loving, and full of communication. Even if Pedro changes from an idealistic man to a man of greed eventually, his love for Inés survives to his last breath.

Although Isabel Allende, through Inés, does not lionize or conceal the brutality of the conquistadors, she romanticizes the idea of establishing settlements in the new world and the exploits of those who went through so much to conquer the continent. Inés, a remarkable woman who comes up with solutions to most problems the people of the settlement face in the new world, is portrayed as the modern women’s rights advocates would like to see a heroine. How much of this idealizing might have come close to the truth is debatable.

Inés of My Soul is the fifteenth book for Isabel Allende. In this book, too, her narrative style takes over the story, but her delightful storytelling with the exciting twists and turns in her narration grip the reader fully and make him want not to leave a word unread.

Isabel Allende is a Chilean novelist who was born on August 2, 1942 in Lima, Peru. His books are: The House of the Spirits (1982), La gorda de porcelana (1984), Of Love and Shadows (1985), Eva Luna (1987), The Stories of Eva Luna (1989), The Infinite Plan (1991), Paula (1995, Afrodite (1997), Daughter of Fortune (1999), Portrait in Sepia (2000), City of the Beasts (2002), My Invented Country (2003), Kingdom of the golden dragon (2004), Forest of the Pygmies (2005), Zorro (2005), Ines of My Soul (2006), and Dos Palabras.

The book is in hardcover and 336 pages with ISBN-10: 0061161535 and ISBN-13: 978-0061161537.

As expected from Allende’s wonderful storytelling, “Inés of My Soul” is a brilliant historical epic, full of excitement and suspense.

Joy Cagil is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Writers Her portfolio can be found at http://www.Writing.Com/authors/joycag

Author: Joy Cagil
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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Review of Brief Encounters on NewsBlaze

My newest review on an erotica novella was just published on NewsBlaze.com. It’s called Brief Encounters and is by dual authors Mouna Lott and T.H. Rusty. ¬†You can read the full review here:¬†http://newsblaze.com/story/20111120164922jude.nb/topstory.html

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