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It’s almost summer, and to celebrate, let’s have a Giveaway!  What is the prize?  Go to the front page of my site at Jude’s Place and pick any of my books.  The winner will receive the .pdf version of their choice delivered to their email inbox.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 5/13/12

Happy Mother’s Day!
This Sunday’s sentences come from my WIP prequel to Sierra Sky.

“What are you?” Cassandra looked at the hat and without thinking, she whipped it off his head.
Long dark hair spilled out of it, flowing around his shoulders, and Luna’s gaze grew dark as he snatched the hat from her trembling fingers. Cursing in a strange language and tightening his arm around her waist, he touched something on his wrist. When everything around them brightened and distorted, she opened her mouth to scream. Her body thrummed and her head throbbed, and night turned to day as she passed out in the alien’s arms.

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, be sure to visit their site.

This is my final Six Sentence Sunday. Their site is also shutting down in January 2013. It’s been fun, and I hope you enjoyed my six sentences.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 5/6/12

The following comes from Texas Moonshine.

“Damn, I had convinced myself it wasn’t real,” he whispered.
“What?” She whispered back and then drew one of his fingers into her mouth.
He sucked in his breath. “The charge I feel every time I touch you,” he choked out.
She smiled, pleased that he felt it, too.

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, visit their site.

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Six Sentence Sunday – 4/29/12


A month later she saw him again. This time she refused to look away and studied his rugged unshaven features. He seemed so out of place among the other men, and she felt certain this one would have someone waiting at home for him.
His gaze suddenly shifted and locked with hers, but she still couldn’t look away.
“Nena, don’t attract their attention or they’ll be begging us for money.”
Ignoring her friend, she smiled at the attractive homeless man, again sensing he didn’t belong there.

For other 6 Sentence Sunday, be sure to visit their site.

Six Sentence Sunday – 4/22/12

This week’s sentences comes from Faith’s Portrait, my time travel romance:

Without another thought, she melted into his arms, and his lips seared her own. Her fingers went into his thick hair as she deepened the passionate embrace.
Noah’s hand crept to her bottom, and he pulled her against his body with a groan. She gasped to feel his hardening flesh between them. Claire pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes. She couldn’t think let alone speak and didn’t know how far it would have gone, if not for a knock at the door.

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, please visit their site.

Six Sentence Sunday – 4/15/12


I’ll destroy them all!
Gwyn gasped and jumped away from the window, realizing that no one else had said those words. They had come from her own head. “What the hell?” She muttered and backed away until she came up against the couch.

This comes from my WIP, Death at the Pumps. It’s currently on the back burner, but I hope to get back to it soon.

For other 6 Sentence Sunday, visit their site.

Six Sentence Sunday – 4/8/12


‘Look at me, Drew, I need to see your eyes.’
He shook his head but opened his eyes. As his gaze traveled down her body, he sucked in his breath. He felt his teeth begin to sharpen and he swallowed hard. Biting his tongue and tasting his own blood, Drew shook his head. ‘I don’t think this is going to work, Sera.’

This little teaser comes from Drew’s Destiny, the third installment of my A Modern Myth saga.

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, visit their site.

Six Sentence Sunday – 4/1/12

Following are a few sentences from Passion’s Price, another free novel posted on my forum for active members.

She steeled herself and turned around. Her eyes drank him in as she stared at his muscular arms and chest. He had a fine coating of hair in the middle of his chest that traveled downward and disappeared into the black satin mini brief worn low on his tan hips. The healthy bulge in the front of those briefs sent her gaze flying back up to meet Tony’s. He smiled at her and held out his hands.
“Where do you want me?”

For more 6 Sentence Sunday, please visit their site.

Six Sentence Sunday – 3/25/12

Here are a few sentences from Gone but Not Forgotten, a free novel on my forum for active members.

“You mean that this is really happening in our dreams?” Jessie gasped and jumped out of bed, fear and embarrassment flooding through her. “But how is that possible? This is supposed to by my safe place. It’s not supposed to be real!”
She said real with such distaste that Dakota winced.

To read more 6 Sentence Sunday, be sure to visit their site.

Six Sentence Sunday – 3/18/12

Here are a few teaser sentences from Painful Reflections, released by Cobblestone Press:

Meg sucked in her breath and knew she should immediately push him away, but the shock mixed with the unexpected pleasure stilled her hands. Todd took advantage of her surprise and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, moving his tongue to caress the insides of her mouth. She had never been kissed in such a way before, had never actually liked the way Kyle kissed and was totally blown away by the unexpected sensations erupting throughout her body.

As Kyle’s loving face surfaced in her mind, she choked back a sob and broke free of Todd’s inviting mouth. She pushed her hands between them and scowled. “No, don’t.”

To read more about 6 Sentence Sunday, please visit their site.

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