Better than Cake by Lisa Carlisle

One of my author friends, Lisa Carlisle, has a new hot short erotic story out called Better than Cake.

Better-than-cakeAfter the worst fight of their relationship, the last place Stephanie wants to be is a wedding reception. She still can’t get over what happened. Could their five years of marriage be destroyed after a blast of heated words? Johnny suggested separating. Separating! Now with her marriage on the line, she has to put on a brave face and pretend love is grand.

Johnny doesn’t know why he’d freaked out the way he had and is left with one emotion. Regret. He doesn’t want to lose Stephanie. He must find her and make things right.

Stephanie enters the reception, fearing the end of her marriage. Johnny has something else in mind—a much more decadent proposal that will turn her friend’s wedding into an event they’ll never forget. A short erotic romance for only 99 cents! Perfect for a beach or summer read.

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Who gets ditched at a wedding? Stephanie paused and took a deep breath before walking into her friend’s reception. Something like this could only happen to her.
Ditched wasn’t a strong enough description. “Maybe we should try separating.”
Johnny’s words echoed in her mind, lashing her psyche raw with repetition. Separating! She closed her eyes. Unthinkable.
It’s okay. You can do this. Stick it out for a couple of hours and then you can deal with the mess. How would she explain her husband’s sudden absence? He was at the ceremony, but wouldn’t be at the reception. What would be a reasonable explanation? They were spending the weekend here in Cape Cod so it would be tough to feign a work or family excuse. Illness. Yes, something about seafood. That would be plausible at a seaside resort. Food poisoning. She had an excuse—but it didn’t make her feel any better about the situation.
Beyond the Sea wafted out from the ballroom, appropriate for this Cape Cod seaside resort. She glanced up at the imposing exterior of the multi-level hotel. Her hand trembled so she clutched her silver purse tighter. She raised her chin to steel herself and entered the hotel.
Stephanie scanned the place settings to find hers. Mr. and Mrs. John Silvio. Table nineteen. She dropped her purse to her side, but her fingers still clenched it. The last place she wanted to be after a killer argument with her husband was a wedding. She forced herself to enter the reception area, squeezing through all those decked in suits and evening gowns.
Searching the table numbers for nineteen, she followed them to the back of the room. She guessed she’d be furthest from the head table, since she was neither family nor close friend, but an old college roommate of the bride. She made her way to the back of the room, braved a smile, and introduced herself to the couples already seated.
“Hi. I’m Stephanie.”
“Elaine,” a heavyset woman with puffy blond hair said. “You’re alone?”
Great. Just fantastic. Starting right with the topic she wanted to avoid. “Yes. My husband couldn’t make it tonight. Something he ate earlier,” she babbled. “Probably the shellfish.” She shrugged.
The others introduced themselves as she sat down and peppered her with questions about where they bought the seafood. A few shared their stories of food poisoning. It was going to be a long night.
Once the attention was off her, she replayed the fight for what had to be the fortieth time since it happened. After a ripple of snide comments evolved into a tsunami of a fight, she stormed away from Johnny and ended up talking to herself like a crazy person as she pounded through the surf.
“Separating? Why does he take a small argument and blow it up into something like this? How could he do this to me at my friend’s wedding? What the fuck!”
A couple of miles later, she had calmed down. It wasn’t all his doing. She was the one who’d dragged them here when he had other plans. Her fury decreased as the sun sank lower in the sky, replaced by a cloak of sadness.
She didn’t want to split up. Her eyes began to water. How the heck would she make it through the night without breaking down? Her marriage could be over. How long could she sport a brave face before it dropped?
“Excuse me,” she said and hurried into the ladies room. She barely made it through the door before her eyes pooled with tears. She grabbed tissues and blotted them, fixing her smudged makeup the best she could.
“You can do this,” she told her reflection in the mirror.
As much as she dreaded being at a wedding while her own marriage hung in jeopardy, she had to put her feelings aside for the sake of Caryn. She’d only get married once.

* * * * *

Johnny caught glimpses of the ocean from the cab and couldn’t help but brood on what he had said to Stephanie down the beach this afternoon. A cold black cloak had surrounded him since, fastened with shackles of regret. The same question echoed in his head ever since.
Why? Why had he freaked out the way he had? Said the things he had? The day had started out great. They woke up at the bed and breakfast and had the morning free before the
ceremony. They’d rented bikes on the Cape Cod Rail Trail and had ridden past sand dunes and shacks, cranberry bogs and duck-filled ponds, villages and pine forests, and even a couple of lighthouses. The scenery was one thing, his beautiful wife riding alongside him something else. He could barely keep his eyes off her lithe body and on the trail.
When they’d stopped to buy sandwiches from one of the beachside shacks and had a picnic lunch on the beach, things were still good. It wasn’t until after the seaside wedding ceremony this afternoon that he’d opened his mouth and all kinds of stupid fell out. And for what? Something trivial, not something to throw away a marriage over.
Their argument had stirred weeks before. He resented her for dragging him to a wedding when he’d already had plans for his monthly camping trip with his buddies, He had
stormed about it for days, but downright exploded on the beach earlier. Telling her she was too controlling, she shouldn’t speak for him and make him cancel his plans to do something she wanted. How his outdoor trips were how he decompressed from work and if she didn’t get it by now, she didn’t get him. She’d countered, saying he used the same justification for his softball games, and sometimes he had to suck it up and act like an adult. Snide comments had escalated into verbal jabs. Past grievances were drudged up as their defenses rose. Accusations flew, growing uglier, and digging up past perceived injustices, until finally, he had suggested a trial separation.
He still wasn’t sure why he’d said it. A heat of the moment incident, blurting out something to end the fight with something he didn’t even mean.
Her shocked expression had turned to one of hurt as she blinked back tears. Then she’d lashed back at him. “If you’re so shallow and selfish that you consider a weekend away from your buddies such brutality, then yeah, maybe we should.”
When she had stormed away from him across the beach, he had turned away thinking to hell with her and pounded through the sand in the opposite direction. It wasn’t until he had turned back several minutes later to see she was gone that he realized he might have made the biggest mistake of his life.

About the Author

Lisa loves stories with dark, brooding, isolated characters and tough, independent, caring heroines. Her reading tastes very widely and she’ll read almost anything—especially mysteries, romance, and non-fiction on any new topic of interest. She is thrilled to be a multi-published author writing since she’s wanted to write since
the sixth grade. Her travels and many jobs have provided her with inspiration for novels, such as serving in the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan, backpacking alone around Europe, or working as a waitress in Paris. Her love of books inspired her to own a small independent book store for a couple of years.

Lisa lives in New England with her husband and their children. She spends her days writing for corporate clients and her evenings writing stories and novels.

Visit her website for more on books, trailers, playlists, and more:

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A Modern Myth: Drew’s Awakening

Over a decade ago I started writing a story.  At first that’s all it was, just another story that had to be written, but then it expanded and grew in my mind.  I wrote a quick outline of three books that I eventually called my A Modern Myth trilogy.  It detailed a very special woman who had not yet discovered how important she is or the difficult paths she must take to face her past as well as her destiny.
This trilogy concluded with her son fulfilling his destiny, but I still felt there was more story left to tell for these wonderful characters who I fell in love with.  So I wrote a fourth installment about her son’s new journey and “awakening”, turning my much loved trilogy into a saga.  To make things even better, I made this one an erotic romance full of HOT and sexy smut.
I published it with Cobblestone Press, where it has languished for over 3 years.  I have now asked for my rights back, have created a new and improved cover as well as editing it again to be republished on 9/1/13.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have set it up so that anyone who wants it can pre-order it.  If you do and send me a copy of your receipt before that Sunday, I will send you FREE your choice of one of the other three installments in the trilogy (in PDF format).
In the fourth and final installment of the A Modern Myth saga, Drew Duncan is almost 21 and coming into his own. He is more special than he realizes, as powers he was born into begin to emerge. As he deals with these new abilities, he finds his soul mate, Sara.As they discover each other in mental and physical ways, an enemy from Drew’s past finds them and abducts Sara. He must awaken the slumbering power within him to destroy this ancient evil, so he and Sara can live happily ever after.
Excerpt (note: this does contain sexual references but has been edited for content):

She didn’t turn around, merely held her breath and waited for him to touch her. Was this still her fantasy?

His hands slid over her shoulders and then the sides of her neck. She closed her eyes and dropped her head forward.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” she whispered.

“You want me to leave?” He moved her hair aside and kissed the nape of her neck, letting his tongue linger. She quivered, unable to speak. His fingers slid around her to gently grasp her breasts. “Is this okay?”

She clenched her eyes shut, curious how far he would go if she didn’t move. She knew it was wrong to let him continue, but she couldn’t stop him. His touch coursed through her body to the tips of her toes.

His hands stopped moving. “Sara?”

She stepped closer to him, and his hardening d*** pressed against her lower back. She couldn’t believe she let it progress this far. “I don’t do stuff like this.”

He gently turned her toward him and lifted her chin, cupping her face between his palms. “I know you don’t.” He kissed each of her closed eyes before gently kissing her mouth, first her upper lip and then lower. “Look at me.”

Her eyes fluttered open to see his naked bronze chest. She marveled over his skin tone, which was only a shade lighter than her own. She absently wondered if he spent that much time sunbathing in the nude or if it was genetic. She didn’t have to spend any time in the sun to achieve her dark skin. She had her parents to thank for that. A touch of sadness washed through her, but she forced it back. “You don’t know anything about me.”

He chuckled softly, kissing her forehead. “I know everything about you.”

Her gaze flew up to meet his at such a surprising comment. “What do you think you know?”

His palms moved down her arms, hands and then fingers. They then swirled around her hips before moving to her a**, gripping the cheeks possessively. “I know that no other man has touched you like this.” He pulled her against him, fitting his c*** firmly between her thighs. The intimate contact made her shudder, her desire for him growing violently stronger. She gripped his arms, her fingernails digging into his muscles. He flinched but didn’t release his firm hold on her a**, instead grinding against her.

You can pre-order the book at

For a free teaser of this story, visit

Fellow author, Ashlynn Monroe is also helping out with a promo, so be sure to give her blog some love:

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Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekends by Victoria Blisse

rob-and-lou-wild-weekends 400Hold on tight, it’s going to get wild! Rob and Lou could pass you in the streets and you’d likely
not notice them. They’re in their thirties, have a family and jobs to hold down and they do it with
smiles on their faces. But occasionally they get a little time off and that’s when things get seriously

Light-hearted and fun, this mini-anthology features episodes from this couple’s wild weekends.
Making the most of the mud, finding the erotic nature of an apron and even having a sexy visit to a
fish and chip shop. Rob and Lou make the mundane much more pleasurable so join them on their
kinky ride.

Includes a bonus short story Damsel in Distress and excerpts from other ebooks by the award
winning queen of rosy, raunchy and rubenesque erotic romance, Victoria Blisse.

Here is a teaser:

“You watch me until the end of my shift,” I whispered, hunched over him, my soft thighs stretched around his waist as his hard erection filled me. I moved gently up and down and continued the tale. “Then follow me outside into the alley. Before I can cry out, you clamp your hand over my mouth and push me roughly against the wall. I struggle helplessly but you hold me down and whisper about knowing I want it. How I’d teased you and how I
would get what I’d been asking for.”

I still remember how he gripped my hips tightly when I rode him. I continued my story through groans of pleasure.

“You spin me around, press me into the harsh brick of the wall, and pull up my skirt. Grabbing hold of my prim pinny, you f*** me. I’m soaking wet, so you slide right in. You f*** me there in an alley, the girl you just met, the girl you hardly know.”

Buy links and more info:

Individual Buy links:


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Friends Friday with Victoria Blisse

Fellow Erotic Total-e-bound author, Victoria Blisse opens her blog every Friday to other writers.  Today is my turn, so head on over to her site to read about my two favorite characters I have created, Drew and Sierra.

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