Going Smashwords Crazy

I have been so busy getting my books published on Smashwords that I have been neglecting both the stories I’ve been working on: Kings of Klenar and Jixit.    I need to stop trying to write both of them at the same time and just pick one. Considering that Kings of Klenar is closer to being done, I need to work on that one.  It just takes place over a longer period of time, and I’m having trouble deciding what takes place between  the time Luna and Cass meet until Sierra is born.

I’ve also been super busy fixing up the house and taking care of real life stuff, that sometimes my writing gets kicked to the curb.  Shameful really, since I feel the best when I’m creating.  Hopefully someday i can say “creating a masterpiece”.  LOL

Anyway, the Cobblestone situation is finally behind me, so I will put that to rest.  Two of the books published through them are now online under my publishing umbrella. Not sure what I’m going to do about Painful Reflections. Might just make it a 99 cent book with the rest of them.  Who knows. It’s at the bottom of my priorities right now.

Sierra Sky isn’t doing that great at Total-e-bound, but I’ll never ask for the rights back on that book, since I LOVE that cover and aren’t willing to let it go! LOL  I wonder if i can hire Posh Gosh to design the next one?  Hmm….I’ll have to wait and see how I feel about it once i try to design the KOK cover myself.  🙂

But back to Smashwords. I can’t say enough good about them, so someone should slap me for not taking advantage of their offerings years ago.  I had it in my mind that since I already dealt with Amazon and B&N on my own, that I didn’t need them.  Didn’t even occur to me that I could opt out of those two venues and use the rest of their channels. I think they have about a dozen now. True, B&N tends to be the best seller, but it’s far easier to let Smashwords take care of that for me, especially for the short stories that I don’t have time to upload in different places.  Not only that but they provide the ISBN’s for free!  And they now have a series manager, so it makes it easier to distinguish those on other sites. So B&N now lists my A Modern Myth trilogy as a series, so it’s easier to readers to see there are other books.  That is SO nice!  They keep making improvements all the time.  They have gotten so much better since I first used them that they have pretty much left everyone else in the dust. I don’t even use Lulu.com anymore and need to take all my books down from there.  Createspace has better books for less, so there is no reason to keep using lulu.

So if you haven’t given smashwords.com a chance yet, head on over.  They have a bunch of free reads, anywhere from poems to full length novels.  True, some of the stuff is crap, but a lot of it is really good.

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Create your own cell phone skin!

After realizing that no one made skins for the type of Android phone I have, I started looking for a site where I could make my own. After comparing prices, I finally found one called Unique Skins. With shipping, I got my new custom skin (or decal) in under a week for less than $10. I liked it so much that I went back and joined the site’s affiliate program. So yeah, I will get a small commission if you buy a skin, but it will help me keep my site going, and keep me offering free reads on my forum. 🙂

So if you’re like me and want a custom skin for your cell phone (they have hundreds of styles available), check out their site. It won’t hurt to look around and see what they offer. You can upload any picture from your computer or use something from their gallery. I almost paid double the price for a Breaking Dawn skin before I found this site. So now I can make my own Twilight skin. What kind of skin do you want?

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Sierra Sky’s new release date!

Sierra Sky was supposed to be released January 16th, but due to major delays in editing, it was pushed back.

Those edits are now concluded, and the new release date is February 6th. I’m still a bit disappointed at this delay, but they are accepting pre-orders. So be sure to head on over to http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=1510 and place your orders. As soon as the book is released, it will show up in your VIP account ready to read.

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Avoid using BuddyPress!

I just went through a few weeks of not understanding what was wrong with my blog.  At first I thought it was WordPress, so I visited the help forum.  Discovered that it could be my host, so I put in a support ticket.  Found out a solution that I was reluctant to try (disabling mod_security).  I disabled all my plugins but one, since everytime I did I got an error. Yep, it was BuddyPress (BP).  For those who don’t know, BP makes your blog a lot like twitter and facebook. Makes it more interactive and lets you see a stream of activity.  Kind of neat, but you have to use special themes.  I didn’t realize that when I disabled BP, the theme wouldn’t work without it.  So all the work I put into my theme was worthless, since I couldn’t use it without BP.  BUT if I left it active, nothing worked well.  At first I couldn’t modify any of widgets and then I realized I couldn’t insert any photos.  I then bit the bullet and updated BP to the newest version.  I really didn’t like a lot of the new additions, and you couldn’t turn them off.  On top of that, it turned my 3 column theme into 2 themes,  and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.  So I found a new 3 column theme, disabled BP and then had to update this new theme.  It’s still not exactly like I want it, but it’s close enough for now.   UGH!  So my apologies to anyone who visited during all this and came across any error pages. It was a nightmare for a few hours!  🙂

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