Nada’s Secret is free on Kindle Prime

If you own an Amazon Kindle and are a prime member, head on over to and you can read the newly edited and republished Nada’s Secret for free!

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Nada’s Secret gets a new cover!

It took me two nights to do it, but I finally sat down and created a new cover for the first installment of my A Modern Myth trilogy, Nada’s Secret. I was too tired last night to upload a copy of it, but I will be sure to do that the next time I’m at my home computer. I tried to keep the integrity of the current cover as I upgraded it with real people as well as making it match the updated cover for Drew’s Destiny.

Why the update? Well, if you visit the main page of my site, my other beautiful covers make their rounds in the carousel. I noticed how the remaining two covers of my trilogy look a bit amateurish by comparison. So I realized it was time to update them, since I had already updated the final installment. Grady’s Return will take me a bit longer to update, but that too will get a new look. Hopefully, it won’t take me as long as it did to finish Nada’s cover. 🙂

So stay tuned for that new cover to make its appearance in the carousel on my site…as well as on

Edit: Please note that due to the Flash coding, your browser’s cache must be cleared before you can see the new cover in the carousel. I have also posted the cover on my forum for members to see the full size.

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