A Modern Myth trilogy

Well, I’ve thought it over and have decided that since one book trilogies have become so popular, I will release my A Modern Myth trilogy as one book. I’m still considering how to price it. Will probably have a special introductory rate to get people excited about it and then raise it. This also means I might edit the series and make it erotic. After all, my erotica is the only thing selling right now, so I have decided I won’t release anything else that isn’t hard core. Which means I will be making the Next Generation I created on Episode as erotic too. Sorry to those of you who read it in its PG version on that platform, but then again, I doubt any of you would want to spend money on the ebook anyway. Once I get through that, which is taking longer than I had hoped, I might then release the final two books (Drew’s Awakening and the Next Generation) as a combo. Just depends on how much time I can dedicate to it.

So stay tuned.

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A Modern Myth saga continues

Hey! Two updates. First, the sensual version of Drew’s Awakening is now available. You can get it here: http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Myth-Awakening-Sensual-Version-ebook/dp/B00OQI6VXW/ This version has had the heat removed for those who don’t like erotica.

Secondly, I’m almost finished with the Episode Interactive version of The Next Generation. When that is done, I will convert it to a novel and publish it on Amazon as well. It might take awhile, since I’ve never tried going from a script to a novel before. 🙂 But I do look forward to being able to put all the detail that is impossible on the limited Episode platform. Since it’s pretty much a PG story, I might heat it up to an R but it won’t be erotica, just in case those who enjoyed it on Episode want it in book form as well.

I’ll update when it is available.

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Episode Interactive new gateway for A Modern Myth!

Hey everybody! I’m pleased to announce that I have started a continuing story on my A Modern Myth saga. This one is about Nada’s youngest set of twins, Dana and Devon, who were briefly mentioned in Drew’s Awakening. They are about to turn 18, and everyone is worried they might inherit the family curse. Will they?

This story is being created on the Episode Interactive platform. So be sure to check out the top of the main page of my site for links.

I’m also in the process of editing Drew’s Awakening for those who don’t like to read erotica but want to read Drew’s story. The new version will be sensual, with a lot less heat. 🙂

October 14th, 2014 by Jude News, Writing Tags: , Comments Off on Episode Interactive new gateway for A Modern Myth!
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