Six Sentence Sunday – 2/19/12

Going to try something different for this week’s 6 Sentence Sunday. I’ve actually done this on Twitter…well, sort of. Here is a micro short, written off the cuff.

Emma slapped him hard, feeling the sting in her palm but refusing to let on how much it hurt. His cheek turned pink, but he didn’t even flinch or attempt to stop her.
“Do you want to hit me again?”
She nodded but remained motionless, trying her best to keep the tears at bay, unwilling to let him see her pain. Derek slowly smiled and lifted her trembling hand to his face, gently prying her fingers apart to kiss her aching palm.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered, kissing the palm again before placing her hand on the cheek she had slapped.

FlashFicFri – 2/3/11

I’m going to start using this blog more often, so I’m adding new things. 6 Sentence Sunday starts on the 5th, and something I’m calling Flash Fiction Friday (or FlaFicFri) where I’ll be posting micro stories that I write off the top of my head. These will be mini stories that I will write every Friday. Hope everyone likes them.

Here we go with my very first FlaFicFri story:

Gemma stared out the window but didn’t actually see the outside. Her mind wandered to her loveless marriage. She knew it would be best to divorce her husband, but she didn’t want to disrupt the life of their daughter. Melly was too young to understand why her parents wouldn’t want to live together anymore, but could Gemma really stay with a man who drove her crazy?
“You OK?”
His voice startled her, and she glanced toward the door. Ken stood there with concern in his features. He knew how she felt about Mike, her husband. He had also recently dealt with his own divorce, so he knew all about what she was going through. Gemma shrugged and fought tears, not wanting to give in to that weakness, especially at work.
Ken frowned and closed the door to her office. It was something he had never done before, and she sat up straighter in her chair, blinking a few times to clear the moisture from her eyes.
“Gemma, I know what you’re going through and wanted to make sure you know that I’m a great listener. If you wanted to maybe get a drink after work, we can talk about what you’re going through.”
To distract them both she stood and approached her filing cabinet, pretending to look through the folders, anything to avoid eye contact. She knew that if she continued to stare into his eyes, she would burst into tears. “I don’t know if talking about it would help, but I appreciate the offer.”
“Maybe just a drink then?”
The nearness of his voice surprised her, not realizing he had moved away from the door. She gasped softly and looked up his chest to his face. Not having stood so near to him before, she hadn’t realized how his height dwarfed her. Ken’s breath warmed her face and an unexpected quiver went through her. It had been a long time since a man had been this close, and her body reacted. “A drink?”
He nodded and his gaze dropped to her mouth. Time seemed to stop as she breathed him in. He smelled so good that she licked her lips, and he watched her tongue. Butterflies erupted in her stomach and she dug her fingernails into the cabinet drawer beside her.
Fingers softly touched her cheek as he slid his hands up her face and into her hair. She released her breath and opened her mouth to object, but nothing came out. The air was thick with him, and his skin felt so good on her flesh.
“Tonight?” His whisper in her ear made her moan as she turned her face toward him. Then his lips met hers, gently at first and then his tongue possessed her mouth. As her knees went weak she realized this was what kissing was supposed to be, not the messy assault her husband always inflicted upon her. Ken was a man who knew what to do with his tongue. When she thought of where else she would like that tongue to go, her legs gave out, but his strong arms locked her against him.
As his arousal against her stomach thickened, she went wet between her legs. In that moment she forgot about Mike and her bad marriage. In that moment there was only Ken and his magic tongue.

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