Cutting Ties with Cobblestone Press LLC

Well, I knew this day was coming.  Heck, I’m actually surprised I waited this long.  All my books have languished on their site, but I was always too afraid of Sable, the owner, to say anything to her…or even Deanna.  Well, I finally decided to republish Drew’s Awakening on my own.  I fully planned on leaving the other two books there, and I sent a nice certified letter, informing them that I no longer wanted them to have any rights to my book.  I am within my rights to republish all three of them, since the 3 years exclusivity expired earlier this year for the latest one I published with them.  It doesn’t really bother me to have those other two hanging around, since I highly doubt anyone will pay their inflated prices, but I have never liked the cover to Drew’s Awakening, so I want it taken down.

Color me surprised when the certified letter was returned to me, marked ‘vacant”.  ETA I admit that I should have looked at my statements for their address, but since they are always zero, I forget about them as soon as I receive them.

Just in case there are any other disgruntled writers who want to leave them but can’t find a current address (or delete their worthless statements):

Cobblestone Press LLC
211 Lakeview Dr
Clinton, MS 39056-4414

So anyway, back to the certified letter. Before it was returned, I sent an email to the main admin account, letting them know the letter was awaiting them at the post office, since a notice was left.  No response.  Then I got the letter back, so this time I forwarded my email to Deanna, since I get zero earnings reports from her every month.  No response.  Then I even sent them the same emails again from my work email that has return receipt. Either they are deliberately saying no to letting me get this return receipt or they aren’t reading their emails.

Having expired any other way to get hold of them, I have now written a letter to the owner of Cobblestone, telling her that I want nothing more to do with a sinking ship. Clearly her business is in trouble, and she thinks that sticking her head in the sand will make problems go away.  I no longer care if I get a response from either her or Deanna, but I can only hope that one way or the other, my books (at least Drew’s Awakening) will be taken down soon.  BUT, I won’t hold my breath!

The republished version of A Modern Myth: Drew’s Awakening is available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo Books & Sony.

UPDATE:  Just noticed that Drew’s Awakening has been removed from Amazon, B&N and ARE but it is still on Cobblestone’s site, which is a bit strange.  But at least this tells me that they are reading my emails, just not responding to them.  Sable, had I known you were at least attempting to do what I asked, I wouldn’t have needed to send you that letter!  Maybe now though you will remove it from your site??

UPDATE AGAIN: Deanna finally responded on 8/31 to the email I sent from my work address (but due to the holiday and weekend, I didn’t get until 9/3).   According to her, their contract automatically renews unless a 90 day notice is submitted, something that is NOT stated in their contract, BUT after a few emails back and forth, she sent me a release for all 3 of my books. So I am now free to republish all three of them.


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Review for Pandora’s Box

Fellow romance author, Cynthia Wolf, just read and reviewed my Wicked short story, Pandora’s Box.  It’s short and sweet, just like the story, but here is what she had to say:

5 stars

Pandora’s Box by Jude Liebermann, is one of the hottest, sexiest stories I’ve read recently.  I like the way she portrayed her three characters, Pandy, Brian and Cameron.  I felt connected with all of them and the ending was satisfying.  This is a short story and I only wish it had been longer.

This story can be bought at Cobblestone Press or
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