A Christmas Carol (2009) Review – Jim Carrey


Whenever Jim Carrey is in a movie, it is usually guaranteed to be funny.  At least that is what this reviewer expected, but Disney’s version of A Christmas Carol is anything but funny.  The animation makes everyone look like they are made of wax, and Scrooge himself is a pathetic skeleton with skin.  Why he would be upset at his impending death is quite a shock, since it can’t possibly be too far in the future.  Though with all the falling down stairs, he should have died during the course of the movie.

Disney always puts its own twist to all the classics it has re-imagined.  Afterall, who would want to watch The Little Mermaid if Ariel lost her prince and her life?  So it was with optimism that I watched this version of a story that has been retold many times, Scrooged being the best so far.

It’s hard to feel sorry for an old man who hates everyone, including himself.  He can’t even spare his employee coal for his fire, but then everyone is supposed to hate Scrooge.  Then the ghosts appear, and apparently anyone who is dedicated to his or her job will be chained to that job in the after life.  So for every person who cares more about career than family, that is your “heaven”.

The ghost of Christmas past is one of the most ridiculous creations ever. Not only is he very hard to understand, he is too strangely quirky.  It’s hard to concentrate on the plot while staring at what is basically a match stick.  But he is nothing compared to the very (and I mean very) irritating ghost of Christmas present.  This lazy buggard can’t even get off his butt to show Scrooge around, but instead zips him around in a room with a transparent floor.  And his laughter?  Oh mercy, it was a blessing when he finally died (yes, a ghost actually dies in this movie), but then his skull keeps on laughing.  This whole scene was watched while wincing, hoping the lunatic wouldn’t find everything that happened as hilarious.

The ghost of Christmas future was a blessing, but then the idiot Scrooge keeps running from him, taking the viewer on a ridiculous ride through London as he shrinks to the size of a mouse.  This movie was 3D in the theaters, and sometimes they dedicated way too much time on that effect and less on the actual plot.  It never really is believable that Scrooge was transformed from a pathetic miser to a lover of all things, but that’s the original story.  This version is basically a waste of two hours.

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