6 Sentence Sunday

  • 6 Sentence Sunday
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 5/13/12
      • "What are you?" Cassandra looked at the hat and without thinking, she whipped it off his head.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 5/6/12
      • “Damn, I had convinced myself it wasn’t real,” he whispered. “What?” She whispered back and then drew one of his fingers into her mouth.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 4/29/12
      • A month later she saw him again. This time she refused to look away and studied his rugged unshaven features.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 4/22/12
      • Without another thought, she melted into his arms, and his lips seared her own. Her fingers went into his thick hair
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 4/15/12
      • I’ll destroy them all! Gwyn gasped and jumped away from the window,
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 4/8/12
      • ‘Look at me, Drew, I need to see your eyes.’ He shook his head but opened his eyes.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 4/1/12
      • She steeled herself and turned around. Her eyes drank him in as she stared at his muscular arms and chest. He had a fine coating of hair in the middle of his chest...
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 3/25/12
      • “You mean that this is really happening in our dreams?” Jessie gasped and jumped out of bed, fear and embarrassment flooding through her.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 3/18/12
      • Meg sucked in her breath and knew she should immediately push him away, but the shock mixed with the unexpected pleasure stilled her hands.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 3/11/12
      • After turning on the shower and testing the water, she stepped under the hot spray. At first, she did nothing but stand under the water, enjoying the feel of it against her skin.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 3/4/12
      • She sighed with pleasure as the hands moved to her breasts, freeing them from the corset. Her nipples tightened as they were teased and massaged.
    • Six Sentence Sunday – 2/26/12
      • She grabbed the calendar off the wall and held it up in front of her, pointing at the month. “You can actually look at me and seriously tell me this says December?”
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 2/19/12
      • Emma slapped him hard, feeling the sting in her palm but refusing to let on how much it hurt. His cheek turned pink, but he didn't even flinch or attempt to stop her.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 2/12/12
      • His lips met hers in an explosion of passion. Her tears wet both their mouths as tongues grappled in an age-old war.
    • Six Sentence Sunday - 2/5/12
      • Expecting her fingers to get sticky and damp from her own blood, she held her breath as she explored where the snake was attached. When she felt dry skin and no sign of teeth or fangs, she deepened her exploration.
    • Coming Soon - Six Sentence Sunday
      • I came across a site that showcases author's sites that post 6 sentences of their work every Sunday.
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