Flash Fiction Friday

  • Flash Fiction Friday
    • Flash Fiction Friday - 8/10/12
      • Cass wrung her hands as she entered the queen's chambers. She couldn't imagine why Queen Sea wanted to meet with her and wondered if she had done something inadvertently offensive.
    • Flash Fiction Friday - 7/6/12
      • Cass looked around the vast room with the majestic arched ceilings. She knew her mouth was hanging open in shock but couldn't immediately compose herself.
    • Flash Fiction Friday - 4/13/12
      • The first time it happened, terror flew through her. It wasn't normal, and she knew it. Normal people couldn't do things like that,
    • FlashFicFri - 3/16/12
      • He didn't want a pet, had never liked animals, so how had he ended up with a puppy? The dirty and wet little mutt whimpered from within the open box he carried under one arm
    • FlashFicFri - 3/9/12
      • Her breath came in harsh gasps as her legs pumped hard beneath her. She had never before run so fast or so far and didn't know how much longer her body could hold out.
    • FlashFicFri - 3/2/12
      • She pretended to be disinterested in him as he cleaned the pool. Gabby hid behind her dark shades as she sunbathed on the lounger, all the while watching his muscles flex with each scoop of the net.
    • FlashFicFri - 2/24/12
      • It would be their first kiss. Meredith was nervous about it, too. What if he wasn’t any good at it? She liked Todd so much that the disappointment might kill her. He had to be a good kisser.
    • FlashFicFri - 2/17/12
      • He watched the children playing, enjoying the golden curls of the girl bouncing as she ran with the others. His eyes never left her, never missed a movement, as if fearing she would vanish if he looked away. He sat on the bench on the edge of the park, keeping to himself and avoiding eye contact with anyone.
    • FlashFicFri - 2/10/12
      • "Ouch!" Mel put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it, tasting her own blood. That's what she got for letting her mind wander while she chopped. She let the knife fall to the cutting board as she turned toward the sink to turn on the faucet, running her injured finger under the cool water.
    • FlashFicFri - 2/3/11
      • Gemma stared out the window but didn't actually see the outside. Her mind wandered to her loveless marriage.
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