A Modern Myth saga continues

Hey! Two updates. First, the sensual version of Drew’s Awakening is now available. You can get it here: http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Myth-Awakening-Sensual-Version-ebook/dp/B00OQI6VXW/ This version has had the heat removed for those who don’t like erotica.

Secondly, I’m almost finished with the Episode Interactive version of The Next Generation. When that is done, I will convert it to a novel and publish it on Amazon as well. It might take awhile, since I’ve never tried going from a script to a novel before. ūüôā But I do look forward to being able to put all the detail that is impossible on the limited Episode platform. Since it’s pretty much a PG story, I might heat it up to an R but it won’t be erotica, just in case those who enjoyed it on Episode want it in book form as well.

I’ll update when it is available.

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Episode Interactive new gateway for A Modern Myth!

Hey everybody! I’m pleased to announce that I have started a continuing story on my A Modern Myth saga. This one is about Nada’s youngest set of twins, Dana and Devon, who were briefly mentioned in Drew’s Awakening. They are about to turn 18, and everyone is worried they might inherit the family curse. Will they?

This story is being created on the Episode Interactive platform. So be sure to check out the top of the main page of my site for links.

I’m also in the process of editing Drew’s Awakening for those who don’t like to read erotica but want to read Drew’s story. The new version will be sensual, with a lot less heat. ūüôā

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New hot short!

I haven’t done any writing lately, but I was inspired over the weekend to write another erotic short story. I titled it From Fantasy to Reality, and you can currently get it at Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/459712

I’m still working on what full length novel I will write next. Since the Klenar stories are my most popular, I’m trying to think of where else I can take that story. Possibly Sierra’s child. Since he/she would be a mix of human, klenarian and pricosling, it might be interesting to explore that hybrid. I could also give Sted his own story. Or I could even write about Sierra’s first child, who is now the king of Klenar. Is he evil like his father or will he turn out to be the hero that planet needs? So many possibilities. ūüôā

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Jixit is finally finished and ready for its release date!

I just uploaded the updated version of Jixit to Smashwords, so it can make its way to the other online stores. For some reason Kobobooks hasn’t updated with any of my recent books, so it seems that Jixit won’t be for sale there.

Available NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Itunes, as well as on Smashwords.com and other select online retailers, including but not limited to Oyster and Scribd.

Here again is the blurb for Jixit:

Colin Jix is a loner. He’s had to be, due to a unique ability that is also a curse. So he lives in a remote mountain town where he limits his contact with other people. He’s settled into his solitary life and resigned himself to be alone. That is until Dot Tate shows up with a broken down car and needs his help. Neither can fight their immediate attraction, even though he tries to remain distant. But then as he uncovers a tragic secret and must step outside his comfort zone to make things right, he discovers his curse is actually a gift.

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Writing Jixit

I was driving home from work the other day and I realized I messed up the sequence of events on Jixit, my WIP. So that means I will have to do a bit of a rewrite to get it back on target. This is what happens when I get an idea for a story but don’t immediately write it. ūüôā So now I need to sit down and write out the outline of what needs to happen and when it needs to occur. That is why an outline is so important. Luckily, I haven’t written so much that the rewrite will be that difficult. I think that once I get it right, it will flow better. I had hit a wall and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. This is why I hit that wall. So once I move things around and set it on the proper course, I should be able to complete it with little problems. So stay tuned for more on that.

I’m happy to report that someone just posted another 5 star review for Kings of Klenar. This time on Amazon and on the erotic version (of course). Strange to see 4.5 stars for the erotic but only 3 stars on the sensual, and that 4 star on the sensual is only there because I asked Cass to put it there instead of the erotic, which is the version she read. I’ve come to the conclusion that KOK should only have been an erotic book, since it’s obviously too intense for the average romance sci/fi reader. Lesson learned.

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Bittersweet Liaison, a new installment of Jude’s Jiction

I had a shot of inspiration today for a sex scene that wouldn’t work in Jixit, so I decided to make it the 4th installment of Jude’s Jiction. It is now published and available on Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/395313

I also decided to put all the Jiction shorts into one Anthology, and I included Painful Reflections. The whole thing will only cost you $2.99. It’s available on Smashwords and Amazon, and it will be on the rest of the sites once it is upgraded to premium status on Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/395808

I promise that the next thing I work on will be Jixit. ūüôā

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Jixit, my current WIP & KDP Select on Amazon

The last few months, I’ve been coasting on the unexpected popularity of Kings of Klenar. Checking the sales status daily, excited to see it’s still selling pretty well, counting how many sell per day, etc, that I’ve been avoiding my other work in progress, Jixit. For a few months I was writing both stories at the same time. That is until I got a major inspiration on KOK and wrote that exclusively until I finished it. Now it’s been two months, and I really need to get back to Jixit. I’m going to do the same thing as I did with KOK, there will be both an erotic and a sensual version. The holidays are over with, all the issues I was having with KOK are over with (for the most part), so now I can dedicate my time and creativity to my next project. I hope it won’t be hard to get back into that story after thinking of nothing else but Klenar for several months. Stay tuned for updates.

I had originally decided to offer the sensual version of KOK on KDP Select, so Kindle owners could borrow it for free. BUT Amazon has the asinine policy that all versions must be forever exclusive to them. I’m unwilling to remove it from the internet, solely so Amazon can give their Prime members another book to borrow. That is, after all, why they created Select, so they could give people more incentive to get their expensive Prime membership. I finally relented and bought a Kindle, so I could take advantage of the free reads, but I was disappointed when I realized that no well known authors, at least any that I’ve ever read, use Select. Why should they? They have no incentive to do it, but Amazon seems to think they are doing us this huge favor by letting us in their “exclusive club”. I’m sorry, but the benefits do not outweigh the hassle of keeping it exclusive. Amazon has definitely gotten too big for their britches. They are also the only online bookseller that allows its customers to read an ebook and then return it for a refund within 2 weeks of buying it. Hell, why get Prime, when you can buy the book and return it anyway. Sounds like a library to me, and I can’t help but wonder if other authors’ return rates are 10% like they are with mine. Luckily, that 90% is still hefty, and it proves to me that the majority of the buying public are honest people. Thank you! And boo to Amazon KDP!

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Censorship, Erotica, Amazon, Paypal & Smashwords

I stumbled upon an article written last year, and it reminded me of the situation. ¬†Smashwords informed all its writers about Paypal banning certain types of erotica. I now remember getting that email, but it didn’t affect me…then. ¬†That was well over a year before I wrote Kings of Klenar, so I didn’t get caught up in the drama. ¬†Reading the article, Mark Coker’s letter and then the follow up makes it a bit clearer in my mind why Amazon has such a problem with the erotic version but not the sensual version.

All erotic books dealing with bestiality, rape, incest and children were banned. ¬†There’s that word again: rape. ¬†I thought that strange, since many books deal with rape, but then I got to meat of the email. ¬†If those things were in a non-erotic book, it wouldn’t be an issue. ¬†Only if they were in an erotic book. ¬†So even if the scenes were exactly the same, if you dared put that in the same book with erotic sex, a red flag would go up. ¬†I find it strange that people would assume that because the book is erotic, that the plot can’t be any deeper than just the kinky sex. ¬†I’ve always been under the impression that erotica was a normal story with explicit sex added in. Strip away the sex and you still had a rich story. ¬†That is what I did with Kings of Klenar. ¬†I wrote it with a lot of explicit sex, and then I went and edited all that out so more reserved people could still read and enjoy the story. ¬†And those people are the ones who have a problem with the questionable content. ¬†Actually, that makes sense, because people who are prepared to read explicit sex, shouldn’t be all that shocked to read a very brief rape scene.

I didn’t write those scenes for titillation, which is what is supposed to mark that as taboo. ¬†I don’t expect people to read that and get turned on. ¬†It’s something horrible that happens to the heroine, so you’re not supposed to like it. ¬†If it makes you mad or upset, then I did my job.

Of course, Paypal eventually dropped the idea of the ban, since they realized how idiotic it was. ¬†They were forced to realize that too many classics would have to be banned as well, since many of those use rape and pedophilia in them. ¬†One popular example is The Color Purple. ¬†The heroine of that is only a child when she is raped, but you don’t see the masses wanting to burn the author in effigy. Maybe because that book isn’t erotic, but how does that make the idea of a child being raped any less offensive? ¬†I might put offensive content in a few of my books, but I don’t do it glorify the act. It’s merely necessary to tell the story. ¬†Which is why it bothers me when Amazon gives me such a problem with the description of the book. Turns out they don’t care what the book contains, only that the description isn’t offensive or contains any of their taboo keywords, such as rape or non-consensual sex. ¬†But they allow those terms in non-erotic books. ¬†And even though I have that disclaimer on the sensual version, that hasn’t stopped prudish people from buying it and then being disgusted enough to return it for a refund or posting a negative review.

I know you can’t please everyone all the time, and it does seem there are enough people pleased enough to buy it and keep it. ¬†If they liked it, hopefully they will eventually return and positively review it.

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Amazon strikes again!

Well, Amazon yanked the erotic version of Kings of Klenar again, so only the sensual Kindle version is available for sale. ¬†I give up trying to get them to post the book as is, so I censored it for their quality control department. ¬†I’ll post to it when/if it becomes live again, but if anyone out there wants to read my apparently controversial story, it is available on all major booksellers, including but not limited to B&N, Kobo, Apple and Smashwords. ¬†You can also buy it in my store for 15% off the retail price.

12/21 ETA It looks like Amazon only had a problem with the book description. Since I couldn’t change that without changing the book itself, it seems I was right in censoring the book. ¬†They show it as live on the publishing platform, but it isn’t yet showing in the store. ¬†As soon as it is, I’ll post the link here.

12/22 It is finally live. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GGM5W8G

12/23 ETA It didn’t sit well with me that I censored so much from the erotic version, so I went back and edited it again. Instead of removing those controversial scenes, I made them the same as they appear in the sensual version. ¬†Since Amazon has never had any problems with that book, I figure they shouldn’t have problems with it in this one. ¬†I have uploaded it, so it should (fingers crossed) be live later today. ¬†I know at least 3 people have bought the censored version, but since the Kindle can get updated versions, just be sure to have that option selected and the update should automatically sync with yours. ¬†That way, you don’t need to request the unedited version from me.

12/24 ETA I guess I will be spending Christmas battling the quality police at Amazon. ¬†I think I’ve figured out what their problem is. ¬†They kicked back another of my books, and the one thing they both have in common is “non-consensual sex” is in the description. ¬†I removed that from Love’s Trial, and it’s live again (note that I made no update to the book contents, only the description). ¬†They took Kings of Klenar offline again because I added that to the book description. ¬†I find it very strange that this company allows people to post whatever they want in reviews, providing unnecessary spoilers, but they don’t allow the author to put disclaimers of content that might offend some people. ¬†How does that make any sense at all? ¬†So I have removed the phrase “non-consensual sex” from the description of the erotic version and posted it again. Let’s see if it goes through this time. ¬†*sigh*

12/25 ETA It is back online again, hopefully for good this time! Merry Christmas, everyone! ūüôā

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So…I’m obsessed with rape?

After waiting over a month for someone to review Kings of Klenar on Amazon, my first review has that in the first sentence. ¬†I’m a good writer, but I’m obsessed with rape? ¬†Really? ¬†I find it quite odd that someone who is so sensitive about rape would buy a book that has an excerpt where rape is freely discussed. ¬†The book starts with Cass pulling her skirt down after an attempted rape, and she has a lengthy discussion with Luna on his spaceship about how he’s captured one of his own kind after a rape rampage and how his people deal with non-consensual sex… in the free excerpt for all to read before buying. ¬†I strongly believe that most of the sales of the book are because people are interested in that aspect of the book. ¬†As much as women like to decry the act of rape, there are many books and movies written about the topic. ¬†Of course no woman wants to be raped, but it’s still the fantasy of many of them. Not the brutal and vicious act of it, but the romantic version of a hunky man taking the choice away from the gal, so she can enjoy the sex but not feel she was responsible for it happening. ¬†I grew up on Johanna Lindsey, who got famous writing about gorgeous heroes sweeping a young virgin off her feet and seducing her against her will.

But am I obsessed with rape? ¬†Let’s analyze that question by all the books I’ve written. ¬†Off the top of my head, only 3 of my many books have rape as a central theme in them: Love’s Trial, Forgotten but not Gone, and Kings of Klenar. ¬†Now, which have sold better than any of my others? ¬†Without a doubt, Kings of Klenar is my best seller of all time, but Forgotten but not Gone has sold more copies than any of my tamer stuff, even books that I know are better, like Faith’s Portrait or my A Modern Myth saga. ¬†Actually, there is a rapist in the 3rd story of that, but he gets his just desserts before he can do anything about it. ¬†And I had to make him evil, so that shouldn’t count.

True, it’s just one person’s review, but since hardly anyone else has taken the time to post a nice review, this person’s 2 star review is what potential buyers are seeing. ¬†Luckily, it isn’t slowing down sales, but it bothers me that it has so many spoilers of the story. ¬†No one should know all that detail before reading the story and understanding why it’s all happening. Taking so many things out of context makes it sound worse than it actually is. ¬†Kings of Klenar IS a romance. ¬†It just isn’t a formula romance, but then I don’t write those. ¬†Real life isn’t like that, and Cass does go through hell as a slave on a distant planet. ¬†Does anyone actually expect that would be easy? ¬†As my writing matures, so do the topics I will choose to write about. ¬†I did put a lot of taboo topics in the book, and it seems to be paying off. ¬†I do apologize to those of you who bought it and were offended. ¬†That is the main reason I am offering a censored version, so you can enjoy it without most of the potentially offensive content. ¬†Though I must say it’s quite strange that of the three positive reviews it has received, all of them were on the erotic version. ¬†The negative 2 star review mentioned above is on the sensual version. ¬†Things that make you go hmmmm…

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