Maple Creek will now be two books

Good news! I finally finished writing the first draft of Maple Creek. It's so long that I've decided to split it into two parts. The first part will be free, and the 2nd part will be listed at $3.99. I'm playing with what to call the 2nd installment. The first one is "A Camp for Gifted Teenagers", and I'm thinking the 2nd one will be either "A Camp for Gods and Monsters" or simply "A Camp for Gods...or Monsters?" I'm actually leaning towards the latter.

The book is currenlty in in the editing stage, but I plan on releasing the first half as soon as possible. It's the 2nd half where it gets intense and there are most likely errors and loose ends that need tying up. Stay tuned for the release date of Maple Creek: a Camp for Gfited Teenagers" COMING SOON!!!