Camp Maple Creek


I've been working on this new YA (young adult) story that I'm really excited about. It's my take on Twilight meets Xmen and will be about a special camp that isn't really a camp. It's a facility that monitors and teaches teenagers who have latent abilities. They are taught how to control their abilities as they surface. Of course, some abilities are more powerful than others, and sometimes the kids aren't able to control them. This story follows Denika as she figures out how special she truly is and what the future holds as she falls in love with Fionn, another camper who isn't like the others.

Release date will be announced when I get a bit closer to completing the story. I'm toying with the idea of this being a series, and the first will be called "a Camp for Gifted Teenagers". The cover is on my main site and you can read an excerpt at


I'm happy to report that this story has been completed and published into two books. I am considering consolidating it into just one book named Camp Maple Creek, possibly selling it only on my website at a discounted rate.