Jude's new blog

I'm back to writing and have already released one new novella called "Seven Days", and it's available on most online bookstores. I'm currently working on my first YA (young adult) novel called "Maple Creek: a Camp for Gifted Teenagers".Visit my main site for the link to read more about this story as well as an excerpt.

In hopes of getting new fans (or bringing back old ones), I have also published another free read on Smashwords called "Trouble in Paradise". When my forum was active, this was an exclusive read to members, so now it's free to everyone. It's also part of my "Ultimate Collection".

"Maple Creek" should be available early January 2021. It's my take on Twilight meets X-Men.

This new Blog also has a forum option in case anyone would like to use it. I have no plans on expanding it, but it's there if I change my mind.

I apoogize to any of my readers that missed me while I was on hiatus, but I'm back now. I missed writing too much to stay away for long.