Calling it quits

December 11th, 2016 by Jude News

Well, Jude Liebermann has had a pretty good run. I started this site in 2000, though I published my first book in 1997. Had high hopes, tried a bunch of different things, had big dreams, but then real life happened. That old saying, “life is what happens when you’re making other plans” is spot on. But it’s exhausting trying to keep up with my busy life and trying to figure out what the reading public wants to buy. My most popular book, Kings of Klenar, recently got a scathing 1 star review by a woman who hated it so much that she had to give a blow by blow description of everything that happens in the story. I can’t imagine having that much free time to waste on doing such a mean and vindictive thing. I hated 50 Shades of Grey, but you won’t find a 1 star review from me breaking it down point by point. It didn’t deserve such dedication. I guess this gal thought my book did? I find it strange, but do I really care? No! I made more money off that book than I have on all of my other books combined since 1997. In case she or anyone else wonders, I made KOK shocking for a reason. Because that seems to sell. None of my sensual romances did well. Neither did my hot short stories. I pushed the boundaries on everything in that book. I would never have included a F/F scene in any of my sensual stories, since I don’t like reading about that kind of stuff. I wanted to see what would happen if I went a little crazy in the story, and it broke records. Of course not as many as I would have hoped for, but it did better than I thought it would. I’m proud of that book, and believe me, the rough draft went farther than the final version. I actually toned down the rape scenes, thinking that I might have gone too far. I get caught up in the scenes I’m writing, and they practically write themselves. It’s only after I step away for a few days and read it again that I realize some things might have gone too far.

But that review showed me that no matter how many people will pay for reads, there will always be someone who will hide behind online anonymity to tear down someone else’s creation. It’s not worth it. So I won’t be writing anything new as Jude. The only thing I might be releasing is the novel version of A Modern Myth: The Next Generation. Just depends on if I can get around to finishing the script conversion from Episode Interactive, which isn’t an easy thing. I do have another penname that I will use if I get a wild hair and create something new, but Jude Liebermann is being retired. I’m going to tone down my website to a ghost of what it was. All my books and stories will continue to be offered on all the sites they currently are available on, but the store on Jude’s Place will be shut down as well as all the other sites I had active. I’ve made more money on my other penname in the last two years, so any of my available writing time will be dedicated to her. She’s more fun anyway.

Thank you to all visitors and especially those who have bought one (or more) of my books.

ETA: It took a year, but A Modern Myth: The Next Generation is now available on Amazon as both ebook and paperback:
I’m proud that the final installment of my A Modern Myth saga is my final book. Hope you all agree it’s a fitting end to Jude Liebermann’s writing career.

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