Vocal: A new outlet for my writing

I saw an ad for a contest about a little black book, and I have submitted two stories (so far). If i can find the time to create another story before the deadline, I might submit another one. Please visit and read my submissions (and any other stories I might publish in the future. Here is the link:


Camp Maple Creek

Publishing my first YA book, Maple Creek, a Camp for Gifted Teenagers has been a bit delayed. It's taking me longer to wrte than I thought it would and i was sick for half of January, which didn't help. I'm back at it and getting close to the final climax. It's currently about 57K words and will be at least 60K by the time it's finished. I will make a new post once it's published.

New Poll

I'm at the point in my new story where I'm trying to come up with supernatural abilities. So I made a poll to come up with a variety of abilities my characters could have. I actually created it as a way to brainstorm different things to come up with the best ones for the storyline. So if there is anyone who still visits, please create an account and provide your feedback. Also feel free to comment if I missed a really neat ability.

Jude's new blog

I'm back to writing and have already released one new novella called "Seven Days", and it's available on most online bookstores. I'm currently working on my first YA (young adult) novel called "Maple Creek: a Camp for Gifted Teenagers".Visit my main site for the link to read more about this story as well as an excerpt.